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From Plunder to Wonder

Production Versus Plunder
By Paul Rosenberg

Paul Rosenberg has been publishing his book Production and Plunder in instalments on the Daily Bell. Historical perspectives can be revised in the light of seeing them in terms of unfolding idea rather than 'kings and wars. I haven't written below in direct relation to the article - but to some of the presumptions inherent in his current perspective - that are part of the framework of seeing production and plunder as different rather than polarised aspects of a framework of  thought.

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A common cause creates a focal point. Any focal point becomes an identification. Identification can become egocentric - such as to define its own existence in terms of surviving or prevailing for its own sake - rather than as an expression of living cause. This is identity in power for its own sake - which is not actually power - or it would not have to struggle by force and deceit to attain or maintain itself as 'power' to all that it then interprets as threat to itself and likewise driven by force and deceit.
See power outside in external terms, usurps the power innate in serving and aligning true cause - which includes the power to relax, release and move on - rather than mutate the idea of 'Klingons'.
Fear of death is part and parcel of fear of Life and one cannot be and align and share from an identification within fear, and so perception and communication is distorted and devalued to serve and reinforce fixed identities amidst the flux of Life - as if that is defacto true, rather than a self-conditioned point along a learning curve.
Organic life reveals itself to us as always more complex yet integrated as a system of a unified stability through or as  its diversity - for everything plays a part in everything else on some level and in some degree. That is, there are infinite focal points of consciousness embracing what seem to be discrete and different forms. The mentality of science has a very strong but disguised component of mapping in order to command and control - which is the worship of power for its own sake - but via the deceit of serving humanity - for the very nature of a manipulative intent, is to operate within and as part of the vibrational nature of such intent and thus become a target for subversion and usurpation by whatever elements of negative agenda are attracted to neutralize it if threat and gain influence over it as extension of leverage.
Human life, shares an intersection with organic life - as well as with the vibrational communication of an energetic nature that informs and manifests all forms of correspondence - of attractions and alignments and synchronicities. But it also operates within or through a virtual reality or model of its own conditioned experience which is in a sense the world as is mutually defined and agreed to exist, and this model is on the one hand arrogantly presuming to prevail over and manually control organic life - whilst being completely ignorant of vibrational life - for want of a better term.
There is a phrase in Buddhism called "entering the stream" that relates to awakening - and I use this term to indicate the shift from fixed mental constructs of a polarized and defended sense of self, to a flowing and always changing movement of being in which a discernment of what is actually present in any current moment - which of course is always this one - or one's presence - as the consciousness that embraces and includes all that arises within it - in all its apparent diversity and perhaps seeming chaos - so as to recognize and align in what is truly resonant and relevant to who you - as an integral facet of that expression - know and accept and in that sense believe or decide yourself to be. It is called "entering the stream" because it is not stabilized or consciously integrated within the Flow or Movement of being, which cannot occur while trying to push the river and finding oneself drowning or bouncing off rocks, and so one recognizes the call to release the fixed and rigid sense of control - which is to yield up the self-will that would otherwise persist after the focus of attention has fulfilled itself. For true will is not coercive upon, but creatively revealed or uncovered within the flow or communication of event.
Each of us and all of all together are in the classroom of Humanity in which a curriculum have been generated that unfolds both an individual and collective experience of far greater richness than what the virtual self in its 'matrix reality' can conceive or imagine as the embodiment of a fixed and exclusive identity within power struggle that exclusion and rigidity generate as if in opposition to being subsumed by a Life that is now seen as 'other' or threat - for it is the idea of a private unshared or withheld 'mind'.
Production is in truth the activity of Life - whether in growing food, or the growing and crafting of needs met. But it is not conceived as 'production', because one is part of and not apart from Life. The Giver of Life is evident in all that sustains and serves our individual and collective need - and I mean our need in the sense of serving our true Humanity and not an intellectual analysis of material needs.
'Plunder' is the mentality that wishes and presumes to lord it over Life as a power unto itself - and this focusses through the divisive analytical substitution of a model of Life or an image of Life for the Intimacy and richness of the Felt Connection. The Mother/Child wholeness is overridden by a 'changed and divorced nature' that inherently fears and despises Nature and 'sees' it and therefore others - as plunder. As assets to be attained or stripped and used and evaporated.
A focal point of negatively operating identity operates as an abundance of lack - because the nature of Consciousness is to magnify and embody whatever is given focus. re-awakening Consciousness responsibility is the release of a negative or self defeating identification to what seems a void of 'not knowing' - but that is exactly the condition in which a spontaneous appreciation of a direct awareness rises within us as the living focus of our attention and desire. A transitional shift from plunder to wonder is not a persistence of wilfulness so much as a willingness to give up what doesn't work in willingness to be uncovered in what is working. One cannot change what one has not first owned. The 'plunder' mentality needs to be observed to be released but the blame and shame of secrecy and deceit in fear and manipulative guilt forbids such clear awareness. It is never to late to be on time.

By Paul Rosenberg

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  1. Brian - I tripped over your writing here a few weeks ago an have been popping in now and then for a 'reality check'. I thank you for sharing.