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Is there anyone... in here?

Using Disqus forum software, I get emails with invitation to join discussions.
This was one such:
Is there anyone Out There?

I added the following proesy :

Is there anyone... in here?
Be assured that your beliefs about yourself - the core definitions from which and by which you live, are operating as a filtering and distorting lens to your experience of a Living Universe of multiversity that you are not in any way shape or form separable from - except in concept.
The alien is otherness and 'the other' is the unrecognized self or it would not be a UNI verse, but a chaos without even the possibility of knowing itself chaotic.
"Out there", is a special or very specific way of experiencing facets of Consciousness as separate and external to you who are thus defined as a walled off consciousness seperated by space and time from Totality, so as to have the experience of a lifetime within an ignorance of Totality, but which carries the spark of awareness that can recognize Itself in 'others'. or persist as if it is all alone (and hint: a power unto itself).
ET's - include other variations of humanity. But the capacity to let anyone else into our awareness is not merely a physical confluence for no one will let another into their heart unwilling - but will SEE the justifiction for withdrawing and withholding - including NOT seeing what is otherwise in open sight.
In arrogance and ignorance we generally presume 'advanced' to mean technologically developed, not recognizing the embodiment of ignorance of subtler cooperative communications of resonant synchronicity that operates as a jamming signal to such communication. Nor the arrogance of asserting a coercive will upon our Planetary Consciousness (Ourselves) as if our agenda is meaningful or serves the flowering of Life as the infinitely rich creative expression of Planetary Consciousness.
So in a sense it is the human of Terra that is the alien - even within Home Planet. Who has no clue that his particular version of consciousness is an inside out and upside down reversal, and so is gently shepherded and supported in reintegrating to wholeness through every true willingness shared.
The fear-agenda of the belief in a disconnected and unsupported consciousness will be and is being shifted by ANY disclosure of Life beyond the boundaries that symbolize and maintain 'isolation'. Do ET's and Universal communication break through the eggshell? - or is it the Rebirth of Awakening Planetary Consciousness breaking it from within? That depends on perspective. For both are the movement of One impulse.
I enjoyed writing this. You may use it or lose it in line with what is resonant and relevant to your own themes, needs and desires. Truth is not determined or decided by what we believe - but belief can and does limit, distort and deny us a clear and true perspective of All That Is - as it is. Until we can regain a capacity to actually - and I mean intimately, communicate an integrity of being, it is unwise to operate an Open House Policy - for we will simply frighten ourself by attracting what resonates to a fearful vibration (regardless we mask it in delusional dissociations). But individually, we are Individuated expressions of Consciousness - which has local and a Non local facets both operating as one - but as I say, we have focused exclusively within the local, for our own reasons of exploration and discovery.
Well, how are you finding the experience of a physical Planetary embodiment thus far?
I trust you have not invested in 'taken-for-granted-ness', because to sleep through such a marvel is - a sort of marvel in itself - to anyone watching, if not to the sleeper.
Stories and pictures connect us with Higher Mind, if we let them.
Consciousness is the Frontier that finally brings us to our beginning and space is full of energy and information that is of a greater Consciousness of which we are a part and not apart from - although of course one is free to experience that as well. The thinking mind is an incredible tool, but remember to put it down and check in with whether it is in fact called for.
A book I love states: "There is no life outside Heaven". But where you choose to look for meaning is up to you. If one thinks outside the box, the boxers will think you a lunatic - and that is essential for the box in which to think alone.

'staberdearth' responded to my writing with:
Not much comment for this. Learn how to express what you mean. This above is all stilted. Somewhere in there I am sure that you have a point.
That's a comment.
I mean every word. Or rather I have consciously accepted every word to convey the meaning. We all have a point of view. Mine is not asserted but invitational. Opinion is not so much a point of You as an identifiction of thoughts. One can say that such an identity is an experience of oneself as a point of view - but always framed in oppositional terms.
Is there life out there and if so - would communication be possible?
This is posited on the presumption there is life - shall I say 'down here' on Earth - or indeed 'in here' in terms of general beliefs as to where it Is. You may think that a self-evident fact - but is there life in your movie, tv or screen 'realities'? Is there life in automatic or conditioned programming of mechanism that mimic life?
So part of my point is that the assumption from which we ask are already a conclusion. including what is exactly meant by 'we'.
Just as life is not defined or contained in form, so questions can in fact be statements or reinforcements of belief, expressed in the form of a question.
'What is the purpose of life' is already operating a mentality that defines life and purpose as separate and different.
My main point here is to invite a deeper curiosity for where we are 'coming from'. be that thinking or the communications and actions that automatically proceed from thinking. There - that's a synchronicity! The thought is where a creative living event arises, and the structural expression and development and fulfilment of that thought expresses as an experience of the fulfilment of that thought. There is a saying in the Bible not to attempt to put New Wine (metaphor for Life) into old bottles (existing or old paradigm structures of identity and control).
I have learned to express what I consciously accept as meaning that shares rather than made up meanings that jam the signal to operate a private world - an all alone world. But of course this makes no sense to a wilfully private and controlling mentality - and that is as it should be.
My feeling is that if something stirred enough to comment at all... then there is at least something that you  feel within yourself as a result of meeting me here, and that is yours and not my 'doing' so much as a serendipity or synchronicity of life. No one can receive or perceive what they are not the vibration of.
My sense of the 'advanced' or multideminsional nature of  more inclusive consciousness than our current level of balance, is that it would be overwhelming to us (Terrans), not by intent, but by a lack of resonance and grounded stability. And so there would be the polarising duality of seeing as gods and giving all our power away - or as demons and believing all our power has been taken away.  Doesn't this pattern already reveal itself as the pattern of life on Earth as being lived within our already existing system.
However... the discovery - and disclosure (important point) of even microbial life beyond our Planet will Shift our identity - for indeed we are NOT alone - and that foundation of a thought system that has reinforced itself in almost endless questions over millennia - will give way to a capacity for a quality and capacity of Communication that our physically conditioned program could not incorporate - yet it will not be denied or negated but integrated.
I am happy for this to be a made up story that doesn't have to be proved or disproved in the empiric or socially reinforced sense of true to convey information that resonates a Humanity awakening.
As above  - so below - if our template is corrupted so as to give a stilted 'above' then our 'below' will faithfully reflect that. The "moneylender in the Template" is the idea of 'middleman' between life and its purpose. To be 'on purpose' is a wholeness of congruency and alignment. Technological overreach amplifies conflicted purpose - which is magnifying purposelessness.
If you were able to serve the restoring of sanity to those who don't even recognize their own insanity, would you?
Is it enough to imagine and not deny the possibility that there are those of greater awareness than our current sense who do serve - but not so as to undermine our own awakening self responsibility.
Somewhere in all this is the point of Everything. For when we miss the point we mistakenly generate 'points of view' that reflect a sort of pointlessness, that then we struggle to make meaningful. Rather than relax 'back' as it were into the point we forgot when we engaged in such struggle - which as you know, is very easy to start and seemingly hard to put down - such that it becomes our identity and we cannot 'see' any other possibility.
Humanity needs renewed vision, not re-branding of the same old storyline. This means stretching our minds and abiding in what we don't yet understand without forcing it into the 'old paradigm'. Not because we should - but because it is a true desire - albeit stirred awake by some sense of 'running out of rope' for the old identification. Everything has all the meaning You (in totality and not just in act)  give to it. Not more. But never less. But this speaks to the heart of a true connectedness and not the mind that seems to manually spin alone.

- - -

To another commenter on this main discussion topic who said:
Hmm, I'm relatively new poster for Disqus forums so far I'm afraid many of the topics I've been commenting on tend to be a bit more controversial and perhaps not ripe for this kind of comic format.

With that said, there is one discussion where one might could draw enough good quotes to make a similar comic, but I'm not sure.

"Ask Your Neighbor: Do you care what others think about you?

I reply:

Do we ask our neighbour? Or do we ask someone who we have already 'made up' with what we think they think of us as well as believing they are what we think they are?

Do people think about me?
A: Not a lot! Though most everyone thinks about their own 'me' constantly.

Controversy is a baited hook until one is ripe for a kindness of cosmic format.
If I let what others think about me matter, I would censor and disallow my true presence in order to please what is not true of me. On a nip-picky note - 'about me' is not me - so I would rather join in shared purpose or willingness that find contractual agreements of reinforcement for the story of 'me'.

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