Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Flip the switch!

Slave or Rebel? Ten Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny
By John Whitehead at the Daily Bell
This editorial posits everything in political terms - of a materialistic thinking - not that religious thinking isn't often the same with a different mask - but that there are core beliefs that embody themselves inevitably as the world we 'suffer' because we are unaware of the true import of the choices we make

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The device by which freedom is seemingly lost is deceit believed and employed - as a result of which one suffers a seemingly unjustified loss that is then blamed on the other.
That such devices can in a sense trap attention in false identification is evident. That this is the predicate of what we take to be a unified independent consciousness called 'myself' is less evident.
The attempt to 'solve' what are essentially inner conflictedness masked by asserted self in external terms is the world of conflicting personal wills and agendas - but they ALL share the tacit agreement to keep hidden, and in that sense make unconscious, the true nature of our relation within Consciousness. Otherwise; the game of powers cannot persist or 'survive'. Calling it a game is not to underestimate very serious investment, without which the game would not be experienced real.
Choices are made unconscious or are 'forgot' as part of engaging and unfolding the life-time, so though it is true to say that a personality construct did not choose to be born, it is also true to say that the personality construct is a result of choices that in some sense template the collective and individual themes of any particular relational expression.
The surface or screen 'reality' is overlayered - as a distortion filter - upon an actual movement of being within awareness, whose nature can be accepted and known in embrace and extension - but can never be separated from and objectified - EXCEPT in concept.
The idea of separation is the idea of being other than what you are. Investing in this idea in order to experience it necessarily requires the temporary forgetting of awareness that knows or Self-awareness - the rising of Thought by which Existence knows itself existing. This forgetting operates through an exclusive definition of WHAT we are - as a specific perspective of what we are.
Such a focus of reflection is distorted by the coercive force of an exclusive intent. For there is no limit on communication in what Mind is excepting an idea of limitation is believed in order to then use that as a focus. The tool of a specific focus might be likened to a virtual reality scenario. When one puts on the VR helmet - one is in 'the matrix' of experiencing a differentiation reflected back as an external reality in which to explore - and in a sense to be as gods. Plural because no separate power exists - it is always in relation to other.
But the coercive idea makes of Life, a fragmenting dissociative force that merely goes forth and multiplies itself as a divisive and destructive distortion of Life, and yet which is clearly fascinating and addictive to a trapped identifying investment of attention within it.
So what are the devices by which truth in plain sight is hidden and usurped with illusion but thinking!
The core tyranny under which one believes themself bound is a result of thinking. The power of conscious thought has been deliberately diminished - excepting of course by the awareness of template level consciousness from which all else is in a sense framed and formed. In its place is a sort of thought jamming device by which a kind of thinking pervades and directs the imagination of independent identity according to the template definitions that it accepted or chose as its adaptation to the physical existence.
Yet this device runs within and depends upon the very Life it appears to usurp. Identity in denial must first be the thing it then denies in order to seem independent or a power in its own right. But conceal this by diversion. By the incitement of inflammations and offence that re-enacts the coercive idea as the 'survival' of a seemingly separate self.
If you don't consider it possible that an imagination could usurp your truth just look at how present with what is, you are in any given day or series of minutes. The mind makes all kinds of spin upon and around whatever actually is here to experience. It also seeks and finds reinforcement with others in social transaction both positively and negatively, to validate and maintain the personal capacity to be in control of one's own life.
But the above is a sketch of the segregative movement within a Consciousness that does not stop being Itself, regardless that a spun off focus is operating within it within a belief of exclusion and rejection. Consciousness Itself hasn't 'gone anywhere', it has simply been redefined in terms that seem to be different than it is, and while it did so, it was known and supported in its choices for what is the gift of free will but unconditional love? The true knowing of who you are can not be got rid of, and so is in a sense held in trust for you to come back into as the truth you know and love without any shadow of doubt and which seems lost, forfeit or beyond conception within the evidences of a world of fear and struggle and loss.
The integrative movement is in some sense like a rubber band that automatically comes back to its natural state of rest when the distorting force is no longer maintained. That is to say the willingness and desire to notice and desist from coercive thinking or reaction becomes an opportunity for the restoration of a joyful or truly connected presence - along with all that is called for in the practicality of the situation.
'Creatives' know that this is so - but often abuse it as a more subtle way to feed the ego from what is actually a living relationship - as if the Muse of true inspiration - was there to serve a self specialness. Well up to a point it may - but only to the purpose of reflecting the nature of your choice to you. For there is nothing blameworthy in learning by one's choices to make better choices.

But few know the choices they are making - though they believe the are awake and free to choose as they will - because the framing of such choosing is itself a deeper choice of which we have by design desired to be unaware of. What is the 'mind' that frames our choices in only fear's setting but fear itself?
The nature of un-owned or hidden fear is of a shadow power that sabotages or inhibits and disrupts what would otherwise naturally communicate and manifest and fulfil. What is such 'shadow power' but the beliefs and fearful or shameful definitions that we have accepted, believed true of us, and sought to deny, escape or overcome?
Fear of fear operates a negative loop - an unarticulatable tyranny from whose perspective there is no escape - but there is no truth there to escape from -  if brought out into the open and looked at honestly. This in itself is a simplicity - but arriving at this may involve any kind of process of delay and procrastination as a result of identifying the fearful as protector.
But when anyone finally releases baggage that deprived them of their true lightness of being - they say "why didn't I do this years ago". Or they might attempt to communicate with others who are weighting for something they believe they lack and find they cannot  - without a mutual willingness.

Raising one's level or vibrational quality of consciousness is not in order to change others or the world, but it will reflect as a greater perspective in which to recognise everything with less fear and so uncover and transmute or undo the deeper fears that surface fears operate to conceal.

Its all about love and fear, Its all a matter of perspective within Consciousness of which you are an active and integral expression because you exist and make choices by which to experience your existence as you prefer - which can be guided by your joy or by a fearful sense of self-protective control that unlike joy must convince you to abide in it. It must use a carrot and stick to keep you from joy or you would abandon the idea of coercive control.

But of course Life leaks into even the most tightly controlled system, but is airbrushed, diminished and subverted so as not to break the continuity of the past into the future in which the presence of all that you are is sacrificed to feed and maintain a tightly controlled system.

Flip the switch.

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