Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Shades of deceit?

Fifty Shades of Grey" spin-off book stolen?

- - -

Why pay for advertising when you can insert it into corporate 'journalism'?
Why insert memes into the 'herd' mind?
Why act out power games over those who choose to be tied and blindfolded? Why seek 'more' than a true intimacy of being together?
Why give more worship of attention to the fantasy of 'more' when it delivers an isolation that costs awareness of being love's presence and seeing love's presence?
Why is love feared and fear of love dressed up in forms to make it seem attractive?
Why do I ask these questions?

Because whatever anyone else is apparently doing or suggesting or inviting, what we accept and choose as true of us will frame and dictate our choices.
The attempt to 'control and direct the narrative' is not special to 'shadow powers' seeking their own agenda by deceit, it is part and parcel of what we call our own thinking. But is it our own thinking...? Or is it framed and directed by manipulations of fear and seduction?
It's up to you. You choose!

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