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Insurrection or Ressurrection

Mike Adams runs
His site has become increasingly reactive to 'evil agendas' and has expanded from a primary natural health resource to a fear-agenda propagation.
This article on a netflix series he sees as deliberately orchestrating attack on Christianity is an example. I do not say such intent may not be active - but that his involvement and experience with it is the result of his conscious or less then conscious choices.

Ground rule 1: What is the purpose that __I__ am actively engaging in, because THAT is the determiner of the meanings __I__ receive and experience and then live out from as true of me. The 'world' I thus perceive and believe is then lived out from and shared into the larger mind.
Un-owned fears are hidden, masked or disguised in beliefs or self definitions that are out of alignment - are dissonant - with who you truly are.
The segregative and separate self sense arises from trying to unify self-conflict within a coercive will that necessarily deceives to 'self-protect' from pain of conflict... while persisting in the conflicting thought and belief.
If you can grok this, you can see that 'the lie and the father of the lie' is not any persons or group or power OUT THERE - but is the persistence within a falsely and fearfully defined sense of self - and therefore of existence.
BUT the meeting with the fear-agenda in relationship with others in the world is revealing a vibrational resonance that  - if we are willing - we can use to de-cloak our own correspondence with.
This might be simply to more clearly recognize who and what you are NOT - and which has no belonging in who you now know and feel yourself to be and so it is not chosen or accepted nor given a positive or negative charge. Thus one is not triggered or baited into reaction, but rests in a clear connected choice that naturally and spontaneously operates through you - because your are whole in alignment  for such is The Life.
It might be that self-honesty uncovers all kinds of correspondences of thought, belief an desire that one may be tempted to shut off in regaining 'control'. This is also a choice that can be made and being made consciously, allows the knowledge that there is such an 'inner territory' of unresolved conflict that you have begun to make relationship with instead of being programmed by without knowing.
There are any number of ways of relating through who you choose and accept to be and the core issue is being true to yourself and not living anyone else's idea of who they think you should be.
Films can be a way of accessing issues that cannot be safely accessed within the physical waking dream. But whatever 'agenda' is apparently behind them, you are the capacity to accept the purpose that can align all things to serve awakening truth - which is not the perpetual warring of agendas that serve to deny, divert and distract from true appreciation.
To know one's purpose, one yields one's own thinking to a true and simple desire and willingness for peace. For grounded sanity NOT of the thinking mind's making. And in the silence or the 'void' of a compulsive mentality does the Movement of your being register with - and as - your true awareness. A wholeness of being. Live from There.
Listing 'within' is no less part of listening 'without' for to perceive 'out there' without listening within, is to be deceived by your own thinking and flee or attack your own co-creations unknowing.
So look NOT outside for 'what is really going on' or for mutual agreement or reinforcement, for that IS the patterning or programming of the compulsive dissociation of the fearfully split mind in search of identity in power or validation - that seems to achieve it by undermining and invalidating the 'other'.
Look and listen and live from the within-ness of a wholeness of being - as did Jesus - who by the way was not a Christian - but exemplified the way of reintegrating and yielding up of the falsely defined to the Father - to the Grounded Presence of true Source Consciousness. Being Christ-ian is not an assumed or acquired identity in which to save or validate or empower oneself alone, but to yield into the Movement of Being that identifies you perfectly.
Focussing on the difficult makes fear the master, but sharing the experience of the easy grows the courage to move through fear. Doing what we love and enjoy and are truly inspired or desire to do, cant be difficult. Unless thinking makes it so.
I haven't watched the series. But if I don't get a resonance and relevance I don't persist in it.
One has to be free of fear-reaction to observe. It's unwise to give focus to forms of conflicting agenda without a very clear grounding in peace, but there are times when one is shown the nature of 'the beast' - as it operates within the human conditioning - and this may serve healing, because now you know who you are NOT - and regardless your brother's choices, nor is he - or she.
"Resist ye not evil" - says Jesus. What you judge gets to stick to you said Bashar.
There are superficial (fearful) misinterpretations of this foundation.
If Christianity is being 'attacked' then let the event serve a true resurrection rather than a false and fear driven insurrection - but of course as always, it's your choice.

Comment #2

Attention is like voting. What one gives attention to and what one then recycles out into circulation is a consciousness responsibility, because one's own consciousness is conditioned by one's own choices. What we learn we teach and what we teach we learn.
This makes a negative loop if we accept a negative agenda. It can just as well operate a positive loop.
One of the ways I know I have changed is that when baited by provocations, I am no longer triggerred, and indeed have a freedom of perspective.
I feel Jesus exemplified this non judging fearless embrace as an example to follow. But Christianity largely persisted the old religion of sacrifice as a basis of consciousness.
It is true that there is a rich symbolic level to our cognition and it is also true that a symbol can be worshipped (accorded worth and devotion) in place of the living reality - and at that level there can then seem to be 'war in Heaven'. But that is a war of symbols of light against symbols of darkness. The mind is simply at war with itself through the identifiction within symbolic image of the Living Relationship that cant be defined or attacked or edited, but it can be denied awareness within a mind that attacks itself and then points the finger away and cries foul!
If no one brought their attention of identification to the arena of conflict, the combatants would find it very hard to fuel their hatred. We literally co create our world-experience but then also filter and distort it through hidden guilt, fear and hate - which is often masked within the apparently good works and spiritual symbols of form and ritual.
One of the good things about all of it coming to the surface - as it is - is of being able to clearly choose - for oneself - who you truly are, and this is often served by stark recognition of what you are truly NOT. The fear of evil within manifests it without. One has to clear the blockage to one's own vision before one can clearly serve the releasing of others. And that is by accepting perfect love in your here and now - which necessitates releasing all the devices put up to protect against it.
Fear of love is the root fear all other crap unpacks itself from.

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