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Creating your own reality to counter terrorism

Create Your Own Reality to Counter Terrorism

Reality coercion or indeed manufacture can be called mindcontrol or indeed 'mind'.
Whatever and whoever defines - sets the narrative script meanings that automatically follow.
You accept definitions as true for you or true of you - whether consciously realizing this or not.
These give rise to perspective experience of the Totality - from the differentiated perspective.
Transparency to awareness embraces the Individual expression within the Totality - and this is the feeling experience of intimacy - of being wholly known.
Opacity to awareness is an assertive focus within the idea of a differentiated self - which is then engaged in managing its 'self' experience within a divide and rule sense of  opposition - because a differentiated 'self' is the idea of opposition - where cause is assigned to effect and the focussing identity subjects itself to an unrecognized reflection - that it interprets as enemy rather than feedback that can serve correcting definitional error. Thus is the attempt to invoke and assert power over a mis-identified creation.
There are as many perspectives on this as moments of individual experience but the critical point I feel to off is that the rising of transparency in a convergent global consciousness makes the assertive, coercive and deceitful identity redundant. And this is bringing it back to its beginning - for  it arose to limit a sense of chaotic thought, feeling and experience that was otherwise intolerable to and yet cause by... identifying in self-image or concept.
The fear that set the whole thing off is now reflected back in the very means that was invoked to cover, limit and split off from or protect against it. But the harvest of the Human experience is not set in the narrative terms of the negative or separated identification within its personality structure - but in the direct embrace of a transcendent acceptance and embrace of Totality.
There is a choice here as to whether to 'wake up' ; to reintegrate to an embracing Sanity - or to persist in asserting a sense of power over by the deceit and pretence of denial of what is truly felt, and would be thus uncovered to the willingness to NOT reject the messengers that  'control' believes it must deny to prevail, or 'survive' within terms acceptable to (maintain) such a fixed and rigid sense of self-concept.
Reality is a Totality Presencing Itself AS this Moment - as this Movement of Being - including all that it contains. However definitions, meanings and beliefs that are out of true with who you feel and know yourself to be will effectively obstruct, distort, filter and deny any transparency to What is Being Here - and so these are our individual and collective responsibility to re-evaluate in the light of a true willingness to Wholeness and Sanity - allowing that every form of answer is already being used to deceive at any point of divided or conflicted purpose.
The mind of judgement wove the patterns of dissociation, displacement and defence - and is no guide to its undoing - but only to its persistence in the guise of 'seeking answer'.
Recognizing that the mind - in the sense of our thinking - is completely untrustworthy and delusory - is the instant of shift to a perspective in which to discern the Living and indeed awake from the dead. It may not seem like that to the mind that re-asserts itself a moment or more hence - but it is the practice in which feeling the true operates more and more transparently - with thinking being an expression - not a controller. In simple terms the heart opens and the mind automatically aligns to its true function. But saying or thinking this sort of thing is just the form associated with an intimacy of recognition.
Form follows function and a hollowness of form follows a usurping or denial of true function.
As the world about us becomes more intensely intrusive to hollow meanings that can no longer be supported or indeed believed - we each make choices as to what we accept true of us - and it is this choice that everything else follows.
The obstructions to simply feeling what is true are the backlog dump of trauma-conditioning that cannot clear out of the way until there is acceptance to its movement. Do we go crazy or do we pass though craziness in willingness for restored Sanity? Its a moment by moment choice determined by what we invest in or accept as true worth or desirable value.
Blame and guilt, fear and hate feelings are not wrong to uncover - and so to bring to a deeper honesty - even if they feel like shit. But if these are simply left on a default hookup to attack and denial of one's true feeling being, of others and of Life itself - then death in vengeance is the accepted choice regardless the candy coverings.
EVERYTHING serves the purpose you (or anyone) has set for it. To be on purpose is to be awake, whole, unconflicted and transparent - and this is very difficult experience to discern and navigate. But willingness can work with proxy experience and not have to manifest all fears in outer reality in order to reopen relationship where they asserted loveless denial.
The 'deceiver works all sides of every conflict to preserve the 'dynamic' of conflict and blank the creative channel of discernment. Others may enact and hold this role for you until you recognize its correspondence. Nothing comes to you without a welcome at some level of you but that calls for an embrace of the denied unconscious to a greater integration - not the you of self presentation or inward reflection.
There are many ways to slice and finding what perspectives align with your current sense of resonance and relevance is the focus - not being right or better or special as a result - unless of course that is your heart's desire and then of course go for it - and discover more than you bargained for.
I see the Creator as the Creative and feel not to use terms like create my reality - excepting with qualifying statements. Our definitional structure generates experience of Reality that is Itself un experience able excepting through the Word or Vibrational Signature that both calls forth and defines. To be the Receptive as directed prompted or guided, allows the pristine quality of Creation to rise of Itself. As this ordinary moment of existence - but Embraced within an Intimacy that simply has no counterpart in the world of separation - though all its seeks is some 'form' of restoration or reconnection to tangibly felt Meaning, power, worth, joy and a true peace in which all Life's innate qualities are recognisably Life.
Nothing is clear to read or understand that there is not willingness and acceptance for. But the discerning of coercive deceits reveals what is not worthy of giving worth to - excepting as one's reactions reveal more about one's own hidden 'malware'.

But yes bring forth from true presence and if that means nothing yet - then don't make any significant acts or decisions until you have located where you are by releasing what you are not.

The DB suggest mobility is part of the answer - and it may be - but beneath that is fluidity replacing rigidity. For to not act or not run or not hide - may in fact be aligning with who you are and thus unfold your optimal path - just as action, avoidance or being unavailable may also serve. The key point is that discernment of self-honouring is a Living quality and not a method or a trend or a technique.
Teach a man to trust his smell of something fishy and he doesn't need to be constantly protected with rules and defences.

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