Tuesday, 24 November 2015

To hold a true presence when everyone else has lost their heads

At the Telegraph;
Letters: Britain won’t be any safer from terrorism until it has regained control of its borders

 My Letter:
It may seem as if the world events are orchestrating the frustration of the capacity to control life rather than communicate it - and I mean truly communicate - not dictate or persuade or overwhelm with intellectual 'superiority' or cunning deceit. The more 'control' applied the more out of control everything actually becomes - and this invites opportunistic plunder, pillage and usurpation of residual sovereignty.
It isn't so much we get what we deserve so much as meet the reflection of our true sense of worth... or lack thereof.
If one denies Life to the living forcefully enough, one awakens rage. For such rage is the raw desire to live - but without acceptance and reflection within a true and current living consciousness, it merely consolidates the original error, rather than aligning in safe or contained expression to a shifted perspective.
To find a true presence when everyone else is lost in the head - or have lost their head is not a dollop of cream on top of Maslow's cake - but to attend the Call to live as the primary concern - and though this does mean affordable food, homes and opportunity in life - it has to first find a true foundation - rather than the corrupted template that the moneylenders operate.
If we give unto Caesar what is due to our true being - we but trash our self. And those who hate their self are inevitably hateful regardless the veneer of civilised justifiction that is asserted.
What goes around, comes around. What we align with and attune to is an attractive force or resonance of correspondence. However - most of who we are is denied and unconscious. We don't even know that we know not what we do. Because we focus in the movie of narrative perceptual distortions - as a way of not seeing or being denied vision - of what lies beneath.

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