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Vengeance - give it to God or it takes your life away

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I want to fight whoever is responsible for this, I want to take it right into THEIR homes and I want them to rue this action for ten generations.
I met this comment here. I felt to reply:

I cannot determine with clarity and accountability exactly WHAT happened, WHO - is involved, or what agendas are operating - be they conscious design or unconsciously driven and of course both.

But I am increasingly aware of the dark or shadow manipulative and coercive nature of consciousness AS IT ASSERTS ITSELF to be.
You can look up proven and documented exported or proxy terrorism such as project Gladeo.

I felt also that Gearoid O Colmain on RT gave a good overview of the global agenda beneath appearances.

I believe that what you share here as your first reaction is fully intended to be triggered and is the way any capacity to discern and respond proportionately is usurped by triggering a reservoir of denied or 'unconscious' hate and fear.

The hatred and denial of fear, guilt and rage feelings, gives them power to operate as if autonomously and without our awareness or consent - exactly like the world reflects as a world of vengeance piled on vengeance - that becomes an insanity of hatred passing to the children of the hated ones - and to their children - and yes - they grow up in being hated and denied any worthiness of Life and hate you for it.

So THAT you feel what you feel is part of healing - but to not accept responsibility for the underlying ownership of your feelings and to give ALL CAUSE away to 'OTHER' is the refusal to look within - or indeed the terrorism of the mind that dictates over rather than shares life through.

The attempt to CONTROL PERCEPTION is inevitably conflicted, dissonant and hateful to everyone but the sense of self righteous blaming and judging that is the 'avatar' of such a deceiver.

What goes around, comes around. If the true nature of cause and effect were understood as an instant - then instead of blaming the past or being victim to anything, we would be truly aware and responsible to our self and all for what we are giving Now - and Now.
The mindset of guilt and blame itself is responsible for the human insanity. It keeps itself employed and spreads throughout the body politic by being given permission to run in our Name. I don't say feelings of guilt and blame are wrong - but that until we own our feelings we cannot access or change the conditioned beliefs and pictures of definition that hold them AS an unconscious reservoir or indeed volcano of dark force that leaks, erupts in our lives AND is deliberately or inadvertently mined or targeted by emotional and psychological manipulators.

EVERY DAY for years upon years has such violence been perpetrated on those who are but seeking to live their life and unfold their ways of doing so - but happen to exist in a place or a world or in the way of loveless domineering and exploitive agenda that is completely blind to them, their lives and loves - and so they are denied Life that a very few can have power over Life. But the illusion of power over Life is revealed in death - for what else works against Life but guilt and death kept under protection of darkness?

Death thinking runs the world as the attempt to deny the feeling being, exploit it without love, and use everything to glorify being 'right'. If it can use the gentler seeming arts of deception and persuasion, it will, but in its own garbled sense of survival it will kill the world rather than yield to the Movement of Being that it believes its should CONTROL.

The mainstream media are captive or corrupt to the power relationships on which they depend. If we only look there - and to the narrative they supply, we give away our own mind to the illusions they peddle in exchange for a sense of protection or belonging that merely milks, farms or predates upon us.

Terrorism is not only acts of violence - it is assault on the mind and the capacities or true functions of the mind. It will feel like assault on Reality Itself - but that demands one has to either succumb to being controlled by deceit or reclaim your own true being - and know and feel and be the reality of who you uncover and know yourself to be - of a wholeness of being - and not via a divide and rule coercive power lust that is actually expressing and embodying (and therefore teaching), fear of powerlessness.

Use anger to align ourself and push out what has no belonging in our own true owning and knowing. Don't give a blank cheque to terror agenda to propagate itself in your own permissions and supports. It does not believe that you have any remaining sense of power to stand in its way. But you have the power to not give it right of way through your thought, word and deed.

Corruption of song, story and society, sickens, inflames and kills.

The call to joy is the context of the willingness to look honestly at the obstructions or denials of joy. There's a lot of deep shit no one wants to look at - but it is all coming up now whether we want to look at it and heal or whether we want to persist in trying to dump it on anywhere and anyone ELSE.

The answer is where the problem is hidden - as a fresh way of seeing and feeling - and not in the forms of trickery and deceit by which it hides from ever being seen or felt again.

I hope this gives thought for food - because true reflection opens true nourishment and vitality to a dying world.

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