Sunday, 22 November 2015

Our True Source and Being - in Cinema

Cinema chains refuse to show advert featuring Lord's Prayer

Church of England says it is bewildered by leading chains’ stance on advert that was intended to play before new Star Wars film

What is it to honour our Source that IS Life, for our little minds cannot but filter, distort and usurp with their own little kingdom in hunger for power if we use them to trespass and to identify in grievance with the reflection or 'comeback' of such judgement.
What is it to be Mindful of our Existence, our sustenance and our true (not deceitful) guidance and direction in Life?
Of course the WOLF can HIDE in sheep's clothing and NOTHING is as it seems to anyone who is not wary of such 'phishing' attacks and hacking into our minds.
And a fearfully guilt-adulterated dilution of a true honesty or integrity of conscious being can be more obstructive than the open 'opposition' of proxy militant 'atheists'.
Banning Christianity might do more to help it regain true foundations than using it for making a war and greed society 'respectable'. But really it is up to You - each and all - as to what you accept as your Source, Life and guidance and therefore how you interpret and experience any event - including the 'fear of causing offence' that may attract vilification of negative publicity and adverse conditions for business.
Personally I feel persuasive advertising is the attempt to CHANGE or COERCE others and is therefore part of the art of deceit. However - if information is simply communicated in sharing witness - it will not be coming from a sense of powerlessness seeking power - but will feel Life. Of course that will offend some who hate their Life and seek to sacrifice Life to a mentality of joyless control. Persecution is part of the learning to more deeply accept oneself - because what we hate in ourself is the reflections we 'love' to hate in the world.
Beliefs literally make experience. But the surface presentation 'beliefs' make a mask.
Does one go to the Cinema to be entranced by illusion? Yes - but dreams can serve Life or they can usurp appreciation of Life. Ultimately, prayer is our true desire. Look therefore at what we ARE asking for - and then recognize our will is done. But it is much deeper and more complex than the good v bad narrative that is used to mask and hide inner distress.

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