Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Suddenly the blind can see

The Blind Woman Who Switched Personalities And Could Suddenly See

Fragmented or dissociated consciousness is the NORMAL but not the Natural state of Humanity for all of our known or mythically portrayed history.
There are many variants on how this expresses but coping with an overwhelm of conflicting pain is the common elements in every 'mind' that is effectively a psychological defence rather than an open flowing channel of spontaneous and creative expression.

In reports by Dr Fenwick on the dying process recently on ConsciousTV, he reported that it is not unknown for those with severe limitations - such as paralysis or dementia - to briefly be restored to a wholeness of capacity and lucidity that is medically infeasible... immediately before dying.

Likewise there are very many 'spontaneous' remissions or healings and reversals that do not fit the orthodox model of a materially caused, controlled and limited existence.

On the darker side there are examples of the study and practice of mind-control that work by fracturing and splitting consciousness - deliberately - toward being able to make programmable 'fragments' or 'Manchurian Candidates' that can be self erasing after performing a set role or task.

The study of Consciousness for increasing leverage and control over others is where the big money employs psychology - but that is already the fruit of a fragmented and fragmented purpose or mind.

Waking up to a direct relationship as Consciousness in Expression - regardless whatever filtering or distortions are currently in effect - is the stirring or Movement of an integrating wholeness that realigns and heals the patterns of conditionings that have not really grown, evolved or changed over millennia - but persist in changing forms.

This technological and global intent to leverage power now extends into the molecular and genetic level of our biology,along with AI - and with the same warlike intent to force reality to fit our image - only it is not 'our' image but the dominant image asserted and imprinted by those who own and control the world in ways we simply cannot imagine - or intuit but fearfully project from the original imprint that fragmented us.

While the blind seeing again is applicable literally in the above case - the direction I would point toward is using this literality to extend to Soul-awareness - which is what I feel Jesus often means when he talks of raising the 'dead'. For to live without our wholeness of being is to live protected from the pain of such separation. Technology has been used to help cope with the results of lovelessness and powerlessness - hence the search for both and the bitter sense of betrayal when our life in the world denies us or robs us - even of the little we have.

The idea of going upstream in Consciousness or to relax beneath the mind of the personality level is also the 'look Within'. All of our masking persona operates a way of NOT looking within - for beneath our presented self is a morass of psychic and emotional pain and rage and paralysis.

I sense that if we do not actively live in a way that attends the evils in the day thereof, then they pile up and render us prey for those who would for whatever reasons of their own - lead the blind. Perhaps they are guiding and protecting us. Perhaps we are being pharmed. Perhaps we are being fractured over and over so as to use our denials for covert or hidden agenda.

The light and the dark are both choices - but to the need to hide or NOT see, the dark may seem to be the protector or saviour.

Regardless of any rational communication or indeed any extension of communication, one cannot reach to that which actively does NOT want to see or hear. But to whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear - our Lives Already ARE in communication - whether we have conscious awareness of this in such terms of not. Because Life is One in All - and All are in One Indivisible - of which everyone and everything is an individual Expression. This means nothing at the level of an fragmented perception - and Everything at the level of Soul - which contains all levels within it - even the ordinary moment of reading this.

PS I also saw some of
Meir Schneider - 'My Life And Vision' - Interview by Iain McNay
I will come back to this - but has particular relevance to restoring lost or blocked functionality - and in this case vision.

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