Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Thinking and language can thus become a tool of deceit

 Constant Gardener replied to something I said with:

What's "guilted fear"? When did "energetic" become a noun and stop being an adjective? Why do people think they sound wise if they write in passive voice?

"For to open to not-knowing is to put down or yield a self asserted 'self' - whose definitional 'past conditioning' fuels the assertion of a circular but negative or dis-integrative self-reinforcement, in the mythic role of control." For crying out loud! What is this gibberish?
My reply to Constant Gardener:

Fear given to a guilt interpretation becomes destructive, divisive, coercive and deceitful. Guilt tells you to hide your fears and to hide from fear. Thus guilt usurps your mind by your own acceptance of it as your own voice... your own purpose - your self!

Thinking and language can thus become a tool of deceit by which to mask and control one's experience of life and induce others to mutually reinforce such 'meanings' and their agenda.

The normal social repartee is part and parcel of all such mutual reinforcement of the persona or mask. So much so that our Soul-knowing in all of Life's innate qualities, is denied by a virtual overlay... given priority.

I have looked at this in myself or my own life and it is not who I am - and nor is it the true of anyone - and so I have in a sense stepped away from the basis that we call the mind so as to firstly reconnect energetically to presence and then to let my persona and its mind serve as a channel of expression, experience and reflection.

An energetic is a term I use for a tangibly felt reading of reality - of any situation or instance of communication. The form of an appearance is not its reality. As mask and scam bear witness. Those who are blocked from their native capacity to feel are easily induced to invest in Foxy Loxy.

I write out of the instant of an intuitional experience that is quite wordless or pre-verbal - but in order to convey meanings I have to clothe what I want to convey in word and phrase.

Re-reading what you you is gibberish - I find its meanings intact. Here's a different way to say:

Pausing reaction to rest the mind
let awareness rise as Itself
as the focus in chatter falls away by neglect
so obvious now to see
A circular futility.
but if grasping insight in form
does the mind of chatter
assert itself
as a trapped attention
as if not to lose
and so is lost...

I simply communicate from a different assumption of reality - that can only be accessed by sharing the foundational purpose.
If you think I write to seem wise - then you think out of the pallet of your self. Wisdom belongs to no man - and to all.
Ask and it shall be given. Knock and you shall be answered.
But barking up the wrong tree will seek so as NOT to find and indeed induce others to validate the search.

Artists express what is moving within them - because that movement is alive - not to exploit markets or remain bound by existing paradigms that no longer serve purpose or indeed life.

Reality by consensus is the denial of the individual excepting it conforms - yet only individuals can experience anything - even if within the belief in a common external reality. I have noticed that true sharing or intimacy is not conformity - but an extension of trust. To act from what one truly feels and believes is an extension of trust and what is met within that act is transformed thereby.

Unless of course one buys into guilt-baiting that says "Who are YOU to pretend to know anything?" and withholds the gift of genuine presence for a more 'correct' version of a form designed to mask the reality.

"Well a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest".
If you tune in enough to warrant giving a partly civil answer - then you at least LOOKED in but were then offended or frustrated. Neither is my intent - but thankyou for your willingness.

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