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Obey me or else!

Fear judges and love embraces. I meet many commenters who are angry and speak of 'them' in pejorative terms, where 'they' are the ones seen to be causing pain and limitation in the world. Personalising issues and agendas operates a sort of mythology that may bring some temporary relief from letting off emotional charge, but then obscures and diverts from the issue and also communicates to others involved, in ways that feel offensive and thus call for defence rather than communication.

I feel to put this next article here as an example of opening to something that at first made no sense and had no appeal as it seemed merely angry and dictatorial. But then there is a moment of connection to me that acknowledges difference yet stays in communication. THAT drew me to join with the seeming 'zen koan' of "Obey me or else!" that felt to be a core element in the perception of the criminal behaviour of 'them' and as an example of justified anger that then operates fight or flight.

Here is my rejoinder - which I appreciated writing. The message to which I respond is at the bottom of this page.

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Yes, we clearly 'come from' different presumptions, but there is some commonality.

If another approaches me with 'obey me or else', I will read the situation on a level beneath the form - that is - I am not who they think I am and nor is what they are presenting of themselves the truth of them. The way I frame or perceive the situation is the 'reality' I then choose to live. Being open to what is truly present is different than closing the mind in judgement and personal reaction - whether acted out or not.

That kind of scenario is one of presumed or asserted authority. Jesus gave a good example of responding to false authority with true authority. I also use the word and not the sword. And that of course includes the willingness to rest without answer or response to that which is not a true question or communication.

Dealing with fearful people fearfully only reinforces fear as currency. I am not saying there is no call for force as part of our range of communication. Where possible the harming of self or others calls for limitation and restraint.

When in Rome.... Caesar's laws apply. A certain degree of self-forgetting and resultant insanity is part of our entry ticket to the human experience. While there is a perceived need for the imposition of a coercive will upon a feared sense of chaos and threat of loss, then it will be invoked and given allegiance as to a Protector at one with the self it protects. But it is part of the forgetting and fuels the insanity until there is an awakening to an integrative willingness. Whereas the fight of flight mind 'sees' everything only in terms of its own personal survival (and of any extensions of that identity of 'my and mine'), the integrative willingness recognizes - re-cognizes the situation in a wider or more embracing perspective. One cannot meaningfully talk about the wider perspective to a fight or flight survival mechanism, because it is not listening or capable of listening unless there should be some relaxation or unguarded moment of being in which the guards and defences are neglected or forgot, and Life Happens simply because Life Happens.

I feel an anger in your writing - not in your response to me - but in your posting generally and I wonder if anger is what occurs when Life or others or events do not obey the rules we have set for them, and we feel betrayed, abandoned, rejected, diminished, attacked, unseen and unvalued - so in some sense our anger might be saying "I AM HERE AND I WANT TO BE SEEN AND HEARD!" - but often articulates itself in ways that then further the pattern of communication breakdown. Other people may not give us what we need in terms we set. It may never happen.
My focus in consciousness - in what goes on beneath or behind the actor in drama - is to notice and re-evaluate such terms as I have set and forgotten are there. I notice there are all kinds of what I might call karmic associations whereby we draw to us exactly what is needed to release denied will and so I am curious with regard to who and what I meet in the light of such opportunity. 
As a result of my conditioning, I have shut myself down or denied myself within the idea of guilt and fear. No one else has the trigger - though they may supply the ammunition .
If you push my buttons - my responsibility is my buttons - not your behaviour. I can and will communicate with you or anyone else who comes into relationship with me, but if I merely react there will be no communication, only a re-enactment of a separation script. If I am aware of the buttons and not interested in re-runniing that script because it gives me nothing I want, then I am free in this moment to relate on a new basis - and that calls forth the creative imagination that is our divine inheritance - to align in the joy of knowing and being myself rather than fitting to a coercive sense of who I am supposed to be!
The limits and edges and pains of the moment cannot be entirely put 'OUT THERE' on the world or the behaviours of others. A separation script is running and operates like a filter or a lens, in such a way as to perpetuate itself.
The insistence that happiness or completion MUST be found in the terms you set allows no other possibility. Is that not the decision to  be 'right' rather than happy?
Completion is wholeness of being. I believe we deprive ourselves un-knowing and then rail at adversity and misfortune - without connecting the cause with the symptoms. The world generally seeks to 'eradicate symptoms' rather than use them to identify cause - and remove the cause.
If I give you (or anyone) the power to push my buttons, I can change my mind and instead use the situation to remind me of my power to not be baited into reaction - but to choose along the line of my own core sense of value as it unfolds to me in any given situation. Because Life is Happening. I don't 'do' it so much as find my self in relation to what I give value by focusing on. My model of reality is becoming more fluid, more open, more transparent to a range of communication that a fixed and walled off sense of PRIVATE KEEP OUT! - simply deprives itself of, in order to have its PRIVATE self experience.
Physics reflects no such self - excepting the establishment clings on to the gravitic model regardless the evidences that All is in a sense Electrical Vibratory resonance and reflection - with neither God or self apart from or outside it. In fact no 'outside' only the expansion of the recognition of what Is Here.
In some sense the PRIVATE KEEP OUT! mentality is disintegrating and this is freaking everyone out. The art of safety is to give ONLY as you would in truth receive - for the devices by which to give lovelessly and seem to escape the symptoms or reflections are no longer even seeming to work. That's my take in this moment of writing you. Lots of fear coming up and the buttons are being pressed every which way. It's all out on the table - so to speak. Choose who you want to be out of all that is here. be part of a re-enactment of power in futility or of a New World - because we are living from a new place of recognition within our living. Of course the control mentality is going to strut its stuff. But beneath it is a desire to be truly safe - articulating itself in ways that defeat its own purpose.

I feel this addition is important.
I add that within myself, the prompt to 'obey or else is' not in fact a coercive will upon me but a prompt from within  - from a wholeness of being - to pay attention and maintain focus in a particular way - because I want to find or accept a way through a challenge or difficulty. The 'or else' is the smudge or distortion of a mind that - instead of simply and wholly doing and focusing in what it wants - it fears. It fears that it will fail or sabotage itself in some way or that something will not line up or will rise to obstruct and deny it, and so it invokes penalty as a coercive motivation - and this does add a charge but it also sacrifices freedom. It can charge through or override apposition and feel a sense of power gotten from fear. This is how one 'falls' from grace.

in reply to:

All I can say is that those who threaten "Obey or Else" are fools, since "Obey" is a very specific demand (a very small part of the possibilities of near infinite reality), usually a survival hit of some kind, immediate, or longer term. "Or Else" is pregnant with far more other possibilities that the motivated (whether by opportunity or, by survival threat) can innovate / tap into. As they say: necessity is the mother of invention and, our collective predators are making "solutions" to the problems they pose compellingly necessary. Their criminal methods and collateral damage of their goal-seeking are a self terminating "problem" for themselves, as well as us.
So when the crazy opine: Maybe no one will be creative enough" ..., "unless you force them to."
they have no clue regarding the creativity that will be unleashed in OPPOSITION.
As stated previously, we occupy very DIFFERENT intellectual paradigms. Not a critique of you, just a caution: we may not be comprehending each other.

The page this communication occurred in is Here I write as binra (a play on brian)

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