Thursday, 16 July 2015

Arising in conversation on waking from false thinking to living Idea #1

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Is it not so that the ideas themselves are not new - though they are always expressing themselves in terms of accommodating to the prevailing cultural needs of their time. It is the experiential uncovering of their true meaning - which is Alive - rather than as you would say jackal or faux substitutions for meaning.

A false currency of money is often brought up at the Daily Bell. A false currency of thought and meaning underlie its manifesting as our choice.

Many would angrily insist it is not their choice but is done to them - because within a false thinking one will gather the witnesses to support its premise and deny or reject those that do not. And meeting opposition that can clearly be seen to operate a loveless or self-serving and masked agenda will only raise its level of defence.

The FBI, the CIA, the CFR, the NSA, the IMF,  and of course the TLA and the ETC are all examples and embodiments of fear of the undermining articles in your list and blind to their real need. As one fairy story says, there is a simple error behind the rings and layers of defence around the 'Horror' - from which fear mounted upon fear and begat its own shadow power - that gets ALL its power from what we give it. For we are no longer simply running away or we would not be reading this - and continuing to read.

One of the liabilities of increasing use of fear as an overt control (stick) rather than as a subtler disguise in apparently positive outcomes (carrots), is that joylessness is less and less bearable - whatever form it takes and whatever carrots are dangled. The game is up - its all a scam. But disillusion is itself a very persuasive illusion. True dis-illusion is awake beyond faux thinking and the wish-identity that generates it.

One of my recognitions is that we do not personally have to achieve this - because it is Already the truth of who we are beneath the facade. And so the simple willingness to release fear's grip - that seems our own thought - and let be this moment, or relax and breathe out and breathe in - and notice the coercive tensions falling away and awareness 'rising'. Well awareness didn't really descend or rise - but a reactive and coercive mentality effectively pushes it down. If our identity in fear is deeply invested, we also generate devices to make sure it stays down so as not to threaten or overwhelm what we take to be our self. Such devices include false flag self attack in order to maintain the victim-threat and victim-righteous power mentality. From the perspective of dire need and survival it does not seem maniacal but a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea - and the 'devil we know' always wins out when there is a fundamental reluctance to embrace the Unknown. And so everything is changing yet nothing really changes - because the collective demand to hold onto a power that is known to be hateful and blind - but seemingly all we have amidst a feared and perceived chaos, defines the 'human condition' whilst squashing and degrading our Humanity.

Ideas in an of themselves have no power. All the right or best ideas do not make a jot of difference excepting perhaps to be woven into more subtle disguise of presentation. It is the acceptance and embrace of Idea as true of you that gives it all the meaning it has for you - and that meaning you will teach or demonstrate in your living out as who you believe and accept and act yourself to be.

I realize that as always I have expanded from a personal response to a universal consideration - but then that is how I see the Universal being called or invoked - through a true willingness of communication - and not simply cultivating mutual agreements and reinforcements. (Games people play).

Your quote uses the inspirations of those before us as the giant's shoulder. This is part of our experience of inheritance. But at a deeper level I might say there is a higher mind that is non-physical and in scientific parlance - non-local - that is, Everywhere and nowhere specially. The physical mind - or the personality construct is neither designed nor intended nor capable of functioning without the balanced relationship with the non-physical.

The attempt to operate half-witted is one of burden, struggle, conflict, coercion and chaotic confusion in which at last death is called upon for release from. But informational energy does not just stop - because it never just started. There is a Larger Context to what a blinkered and fear-threatened mentality operates within as 'reality' and there is another way than fear of death or fear of loss, fear of our own un-recognized thinking - and fear of fear itself.

It doesn't matter how long a light bulb has been disconnected from a power source or what stories and experiences seem to justify such a disconnection. When it is reconnected there is light. Immediately - now.

Now I am not operating the Promethean error of putting such light in old wine bottles as if to then bring it into the realm of weaponising, shielding and prevailing over perceived shadows. I am bridging an invitation to wake where the light is - which is the core or center of your being - and then live from there - as that - in whatever way style or fashion is your unique signature to enjoy being. For there is nothing so free as doing your will, but this is an expression OF wholeness and completion and not a seeking FOR it outside - as if to wrest or coerce it from another.

Self forgiveness for mistaken rules for happiness and demands made of others to conform re-opens a sense of self worth from which to receive of or recognize others anew - literally anew. Even if you've 'known them for years'.

So what is the obstacle to receiving a gift? A locked-in locking out mentality-identity that is essentially demanding "I WANT IT THUS!". No matter the intensity of its expression - I ask you - is this faux thinking or your true will?

To see the larger context - the conversation is HERE

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