Monday, 13 July 2015

Fear, the Other, and Escalation of Conflict

FBI Director Comey is a Maniac
By Philippe Gastonne

"FBI Director James Comey on Monday defended his agency's position that too-tough-to-crack encryption poses a threat to national security, arguing that terrorists are increasingly using the technology to lock out law enforcement and coordinate attacks".

It passes through my mind that the general belief and perception that proprietary technologies are 'secure' is what is needed for the tech sector to be able to sell them. Just as the perception of stability is part of the markets game. In fact so called leaders or the puppet-masters behind them are giving more energy and attention to managing and manipulating perception than they are to actually connecting wirth reality - excepting within the scope of their own spin -  such as embodying the phrase "unless you force them to".
On the other hand, the attempt to manage 'reality' albeit at perceptual level is a hugely complex and taxing - indeed exhausting - enterprise. So much so that the disguises are peeling away and the underlying psychology revealed in raw sight. I believe that THIS raw dump of fear and guilt is what human consciousness has - in a sense demanded protection from.
Caught up (identified) in the role and character of 'protector' or 'saviour', and drifting into self-justifications that protect against ANY other way of looking at or even approaching the core issues involved, the programmed robot brings on its own destruction whilst believing it approaches victory.
The key to the false identity in fear is in my opening paragraph. One only has to conceive and believe in a threat to erect a defence against it - and that defence then propagates and persists the very thing it was supposed to defend FROM as perception of threat. This then withholds the essential basis of trust and communication by communicating itself as a strategic presentation -  indeed a mask of communication  - in the guise of some currency of mutual acceptability or justification.
The mutual projection of fears onto each other results in fearing, hating and fighting the other - as if to resolve or expel a split within one's own consciousness that is designed to hide itself within the desire to SEE it in the 'other'. In the one who is no longer recognized as sharing Life and the qualities of Human existence - but is put down to raise one's own perceived status 'up' - or indeed set up to be exploited and then put down when stripped of value. In this perception, one has lost sight of one's innate or true worth and is struggling to make an identity of relative worth with the materials and resources to hand - the first of which is judgement.
Judgement fixes and locks down perception in meanings that are always loveless - even if couched in terms of caring or kindness. And so it almost always results in a reflection of defence, opposition and adversity.
Investing in an identity of one's own making - that is - the achievement of adapting to a loveless existence and actually believing it is true power and presence - when in fact it is an assertion of a defence against one's primary fear-conditioning - becomes the currency of mutually agreed self-definition that for the most part operates tacitly - because we almost all of us - most of the time operate from such defended reaction as normal. But that does not make it natural.
Our nature is an 'Is' but our personality structure is a 'does' or an act that requires the constant vigilance, maintenance and defence of a continuity manager or else the true nature will restore because it is the actuality and wholeness that is present - but denied awareness and attention by a split off sense of self that no longer trusts or recognizes its true Self - being fitted to the fears and demands of its world.
The devices by which such self-imaged identity is maintained include every kind of obfuscation, diversion, dissociation and denial. For YOU are empowering such defence in belief that the thoughts , beliefs and perceptions of threat are fixed, real and demanding of immediate response - indeed automatic reaction.
The projection of the 'shadow self' is different for each of us and yet the same in its fundamental function of seeming to split us off from a truly FELT Sense of Life, Presence and Communication - and thus scrabbling and struggling for power OVER what seems to be a chaos outside of us.
Safety is an inside job. Regardless the circumstances - this is so. Nothing external will actually bring a sense of safety to one who is divided, unsettled or disturbed in themselves. Problems always expand to fill the space available. There is no end to them.
To feel safety is actually the undefended relationship to one's own true Source Nature - which paradoxically can know such safety through the course of a crash, a fracas or an otherwise challenging situation, without self-conscious reflex to attend one's own needs because they are integral to serving the need of the whole situation.
So what we call self-worth is a cover over a sense of inadequacy by which we feel specially invalid in some way, and what we call safety is a temporary sense of security that by definition does not abide or last - and so like an addiction must be forever attended to.
In American movies the corny line of promising safety is almost a signature trait. The promise of safety is not in the world, but in the Spirit or true Consciousness that  is all that is presencing Itself right where you Are, regardless of any challenges arising to you in your experience of what is here and now, or indeed from your recollections or anticipations of what is otherwise NOT here now.
What else do the movies offer? The bad guys and the protagonist or central characters - who regardless their faults are the good guys.
This kind of thinking is mythological. The device of seeing what is wrong with everyone else and the meeting with that which is in some sense coming to get you  - because it is part of you unrecognized and wants to be released, not rejected.
As long as the investment is in the war-minded personae script, nothing of the consciousness responsibility can come through. For if anything does, it is only allowed so as to make a better image or a better armour or a better weapon. This world can be easily seen. I invite you to shift perspective and see an entirely different world - even if the forms are at first the same.
Railing at 'bastards' and loving to join in hating scapegoats is exactly what perpetuates war-mindedness in which offensive or pre-emptive defence is seen as totally justified - and collateral damage unavoidable. Stop acting like prey. Stop acting like potential predators. Find another way. Address the issues with more honesty than the personal investment would otherwise allow. It is after all, up to you  and not your employed 'defender'.

Oh and of course the idea of enemies of ANY kind having a secret means to operate 'behind your back' and under your radar - is acutely fearful to our 'protectors' - as is their ability to do so to any of us for any reason any of them decide is justified, without due accountability for some blanket cover of "National Security". They are priming the pump of fear by persisting in such unscrupulous acts as have been revealed and found to be their normal fusion of corporate and national interest - though those on the inside know it is not the nation that is being protected, but the growth that it hosts. Until its assets are stripped and it is discarded for another host - for which strategy is already in play - for their investments demand it. The term intifada means a 'shaking off'. This must be primarily an extension of Presence that communicates itself wordlessly. The fearful seek to dehumanise and then manipulate and exploit. Meet the fearful, not the 'powerful'. Find your true Roots - not in the past - but in living presence. You are still here hiding your light because the world was not safe enough to be your true self . Well its hard to see anything in the dark except fear's imaginings.

To another commenter focussing in part on the phrase:

Maybe no one will be creative enough" ..., "unless you force them to."

I don't feel to engage with all your various points many of which I resonate with, but to observe in an individual's life, that crisis are often generated from denied fears such as to eventually force some degree of integration and transformation. This is a Collective Lifetime - indeed an epoch ending. A Big Shift. Or maybe a Big Extinction. Perhaps we each choose every thought, moment, minute and day the world we wake as living - and the idea of the One Objective Reality is simply a good backdrop for the particular kind of play we have obviously agreed to set up together - or we would be playing something else.

The blindly despotic may think they are forcing their agenda - but Life always has other plans - and uses everything that is available in our consciousness to serve towards an integrative resolution for each perspective and all of them together. No one has to listen, but there are increasing inducements to do so.

Someone I forgot said "If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done". Between a rock and a hard place, an expansion of perspective is the only out. Indeed it can show everything in a new light without having to change. And then one can choose what one prefers without the dilemma of the split mind in negative charge and attempted defence. Death also opens perspective - bit that is not what I was suggesting - though in some sense transformation is inherent to all that is invested and identified within the world of change.

If State paranoia is going to figure my exit and not a bear or a bus or a burst blood vessel - then let it be whatever it will be. Right now I am interested in wholeness of being - for in that is a freedom I cherish and embrace and enjoy anyway.... any way I can imagine or uncover in my experience of relationship called 'now'. I am not driven or attracted to hate. I have uncovered it within myself enough to see why human beings needed to project it away to 'survive', but I am finding a willingness rather than reinforcing and propagating a wilfulness. But this is not an imposed set of ideas so much as learning by living.

The need to know opens resources that otherwise are simply not available. If you exceed your remit you will meet a 'permission denied' in one way or another and have fun with a bear... I bet you find Phil Zimmerman is focussing in what he believes is legitimate rather than in what he hates - or he couldn't embody the pathway he is in a sense sharing by loving what he does.

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