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Hidden coercion; blackmail and the trap of self-specialness

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Something never mentioned in all the Snowden-fallout discussions - one has to wonder exactly who is getting blackmailed... your Senator, your Supreme Court justice, your Elliot Spitzer 'Sheriff of Wall Street', your President.... if they can 'sniff everything, see everything, hear everything' then they can also blackmail anyone.
It is completely obvious to all the people who have seen through the lies of 9-11 that the real terrorist on this globe is the U. S. government and especially the military and the NSA. While they keep wondering who hates us and try to bomb every last one of them off the planet, they never stop to consider why. Maybe having your child blown up while he's at school (collateral damage, sorry about that) causes a bit of revengeful thoughts, y'think?

Yes, thankyou for raising the theme of such hidden coercion. There are many ways to induce a will to act against its will. That's the whole agenda; to bolster, defend and prevail in asserting a will that overrides our true nature - our true Will. Such is the nature of the lie and the father of the lie.
If in your own life - in any aspect of your relationships and endeavours, you find yourself coerced by threat of fear to choose against what would otherwise be your heart's choice, then welcome to the human conditioning. But now we can look at it rather than enact it.
There is a payoff in the status of societal acceptability and respectability in that one's person or persona is NOT being attacked, rejected, vilified, scorned, killed - at least not in the raw - not in the open - not in public. Rather it gains some sense of validation from without.
In some sense the development of a persona-mask, is that of a self-protecting AGAINST the fear and guilt of our separation trauma - in order to hide it and to hide from it by a mind that offsets or redistributes pain of conflict it is unable to tolerate. A split mindedness in which a fragment can be identified with as a whole - and associated within the idea and sense of wilful control - of manual and ongoing survival as the persona.
Such an identity is thus programmed by its fear to make a self for itself and validate it in the world, and this self differentiation operates as self-specialness of judgement - for it takes itfenced off self as the centre and the source of its world and yet feels itself disconnected from its true source Nature. And so it seeks to manually replicate life in its own image - which has at its root a conflicted imagination, fixed by fear and guilt.
In so many moments and ways we may seem to almost 'get there', or feel the promise of victory or success - only to be sabotaged or betrayed or left hollow despite the form of success. Chasing carrots, running from the stick.
Who hasn't 'skeletons in the closet'? Or fear and guilt issues in their consciousness? Let them throw the first stone. A sense of dissonance of self is no sin, but a messenger to alert to the condition of conficted currency. Persisting wilfully to bolster the lie that protects against disclosure of dissonance - because one thinks to save their persona investment thereby - is sin. It effects the killing of the Messengers of reintegration and wholeness, in the name of a segregative and coercive agenda of hate - for a hatred of what one's self is feared to be, operates its very foundation. And the more one tries to reject and deny any facet of oneself, the more forcefully it seeks to re-integrate. And this will be perceived demonic while fear is engaged as one's interpreter and guide. And the PRIMARY device of maintaining such deception is the active willing and justified hatred of evil seen OUTSIDE oneself. And so the mutual alliance in stone throwing of attack, rejection, vilification, scorn, and murder -  in the raw -  in the open -  in public.
"Give as you would in love of truth receive", for it IS an unconditional love that supports you in your freedom to receive and give as you desire - including the capacity to imagine and identify in a conditional 'love' that sees itself attacked and betrayed and abandoned - and thereby 'justified' in acting out the illusion of power in giving as it asserts itself to have received. This is the 'god' of vengeance invited into our minds and let loose upon the world. Vengeance induces addictive dependence and propagation of its seed to future cycles of sacrificial insanity. Indeed, feel what you feel, and bring it into safe expression and true acceptance AS your OWN feeling. Beneath and within it are your own pain - and the understandings that release you. Excommunicating pain is painting your world in red and woe.
The father of the lie is a wish of self-specialness. All thought attracts its own kind, and the greedy know how to manipulate the greed in others. But then the love of truth knows the love that truly moves in others - regardless any costumed presentation. Tune into the channel you prefer.
"Resist ye not evil" means - "don't feed the troll!". For the fear-mind is a baiting and tempting deception that operates to deny you your true will. Put it behind you and feel and know the movement of your true being. It is practical and appropriate to the situation at hand.
There is NO way to control the unfolding of events so as to keep your persona untransformed. But there is a way to align with your true signature vibration so as to truly live the life you are. No one else has your part. Integrally part of a greater whole. Life is a Gift that shares. What you choose to gift yourself and thus share into the All is not fixed down by tyrants... unless you insist.

The core of motivation is to move toward pleasure and away from pain - as one defines oneself to be in any given situation.
This is our natural motivation.  A cell on a Petri dish will move toward a nutrient and away from a toxin. However a human mind operates a layer of learned or acquired definitions that effectively operate as subconscious rules from which habit then operates with hardly any conscious attention or intention - and so we all 'live' and act out within ideas of which we are for the most part unaware - for we take our experience as self-evident 'reality. Mind-splitting disturbance or trauma is part of our sense of self-differentiation in the human world we then entrance and acquire as a movement of personal survival under threat. But the mental breakdown of such modes of control gives rise to the re-integrative movement of Consciousness within the structure of our developed abilities. These may seem to conflict - but all conflict is actually within the split-mindedness - but we have learned to mask it - whereas the opening or de-closeting of such conflictedness to the light of awareness seems to BE conflict - but actually is the opening of perspective upon it - instead of reacting within it's script. This is the threshold of our times. It holds the same meaning as 'take up thy bed and walk', but one can only recognize in readiness of free willingness. The opportunity of a greater perspective comes because we want it. Or war comes because we want to persist in it. No one else makes our choices or abnegates us of our true responsibilities.

Insane decisions reflect insane thinking, and so correction is in addressing the thought beneath the perceptions, belief and identity.  The use of guilt and blame to coerce another's behaviour is not correction but the appearance of a temporary effect that masks the persistence of the insanity and propagates its ideas as currency. Fear, guilt and blame are NOT our true or original currency of communication - within our consciousness or among ourselves. They sacrifice our true appreciation of worth for an evapouration, over and over... and over again. The self-blinded know not what they do for they believe their own fear-thinking reveals truth - and so anythin true is therefore a heresy of deceit to be stamped out, subverted or substituted for.
This negatively defined ego-self is a 'maniac' in that it operates from the wish and belief to override others, the world, Life Itself. Extreme examples serve as a teaching-learning example. What you choose to learn is up to you - but that is what you will then teach or demonstrate by your own acts - and learn from.

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