Monday, 13 July 2015

Facts to meaning - or Meaning to facts?

Comment arising from:
From facts to meaning, through beauty
by Deepak Chopra

- - -

The Idea of Science operates a mind that gathers data to construct a model of reality that holds and reinforces the same inherent 'meaning' as the mind that thus seeks.
For such a 'mind' is inherently regarded as separated from its experienced 'world' of objects and thus free to act upon it, manipulate and exploit, map and define and control it.
Originally this arose from confusing a sense of dominion over nature that is inherent to the Creator level of Consciousness, with the 'mind' or personality construct of the central character in its script of unfolding experience.
While the Creator-Spirit identifies in character, that one is as one asleep - who knows not what he does.
Yet the Fact of Awareness of Existence is immutable - regardless the unfolding or expansion of idea as experience.
The illusion of power always costs the awareness of the power of illusion - that is the power of Idea accepted, believed, experienced and identified as reality by the mind that thus thinks.
Awareness of Existence operates through differentiation and desire to create unique and infinite reflections of Meaning. The core qualities of such Meaning include Beauty, Truth, Love, Joy, Peace, Reason, Justice. Such are the fruits of the Spirit of Wholeness.
A divisive, possessive, and coercive identifiction with the image, symbol or form of any of the Qualities of Existence redefines such qualities in its own image - as through a falsely limiting framing by which things seem to be self-existing entities.
Such modification of a symbolic representation of Awareness of Existence Itself, is an overlay by which Original knowing is filtered out, obscured and distorted.
When an moment of Transcendence of such identifiction is shared or gifted, there is a shift from the limited and limiting 'mind' to a direct experience.
Awareness is exactly coincident with its experience. There is no separation. This may seem the loss of one's power to 'become' a someone in one's own right - and all the hopes and desires that go with it, but is the restoration of an Embracing Perspective to that which struggled in idea of the imposture of rejection and exclusion.
Science operates on a material or external world that inherently rises from the rejection of the Spirit or Wholeness of an undefended Open Consciousness.
The nature of such rejection is a deceit by which to seem to be defending against un-chosen and unwarranted threat. Thus the split into conscious and un-conscious compartments - not in matter - but in meanings accepted, believed and asserted in reaction.
Science can serve as a technologism of weapon, shield and strategem for the segregating sense of self, or it can serve a love of truth in honest and undefended opening to the ALREADY true.
In war truth is whatever one can assert and pass off in order to support a private agenda.
In truth there is no war.
How can there be no war in the face of such experience as we take for the human condition?
By recognizing the deceit of self-attack, upon which is raised the seeming self of a split-minded struggle.
Within the perspective of struggle - all is war, but of seemingly varying degree. To the perspective of Wholeness or Peace - we but do this unto our selves.
The reality of the 'other' cannot be discovered but through your own. In another you meet your split-minded reflection in an alloy of alliance and rejection OR you meet the freedom to be That which you are - without first defining what you are in terms OF exclusivity and rejection.
Science, re-aligned to serve an integrating wholeness, supports and reflects the Qualities of Awareness of Existence. We are not personae in fragmentation, but channels of Creative Expression. There is no way to communicate the latter to the former what so ever. Let beauty and joy restore a unified Experience - and use that perspective to act from - instead of attempting to stuff the New Wine into old paradigms.

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