Monday, 13 July 2015

Greece Today, You Tomorrow?

Greece Today, America Tomorrow?
By Ron Paul

I share some of Ron Paul's perspective - but go further:

Captured regulators mean that corporate cartels effectively 'govern' in such a way as to suck out the life and assets in order to evaporate it as debt while locking established 'power' structures into unchallengable positions.

Working through the proxy of the corporate 'ego' - which has no obligation of care or support of the populations or societies upon which it feeds - is some degree of globalist agenda - which is fed, supported and maintained by populations who choose to hide fear in protection rackets rather than face it and challenge its premises.

The use of regulatory laws to control people is increasing as the willingness or pretence for process of debate or communication is abandoned.

The appeal to the 'science' of maths and money - or indeed to any kind of scientism, moralism or rationalism is but the sheep's clothing over the wolf's agenda.

The regulatory structures that create cartels or rapacious and unaccountable and untaxable corporate or financial entities are the primary template error from which no other world CAN come but this one.

Drift nets can be used such as to catch and kill even the small fish. Allopathic interventions can kill healthy cells or gut flora. Monoculture creates pests and plagues. To open the regulatory structure for a true biodiversity of interactions at micro level whilst imposing limits of responsibility and accountability at the macro level would be my political call.

If you want people to work for their benefit and to work together for a common benefit - let them live and work without obstructive regulations.

But society has almost solidified itself in such rule and regulation, as fears unfaced invoke such 'protections' that are then further fought over and coerced in destructive opportunism of negatively defined private interest that knows nothing and cares nothing for the Good we have in Common.

When growth is largely operating destruction with a temporary monetary yield, one must recognize the cancer is not a positive expression of the whole - but an alarm from which to wake up and realign with wholeness.

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