Monday, 19 January 2015

A Game of Puppets

Article: What game is the House of Saud playing? | OpEdNews

The writing was prompted by a commenter believing the mess is the result of incompetence rather than a manipulated outcome.

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When the British Empire was deconstructed the USA was groomed and prepared to host the next cycle was it not? And so it would be foolish to expect the deconstruction of the US(A) is not part of a further shift for those insiders of the insiders that have the motive and capacity to influence global events over generations and across apparently hostile borders.
Are there only the blind leading the blind - or are there wolves leading the sheep? And is there a shepherding protective and guiding element at work that neither blind sheep or blind wolves can see?
Rationalism is a kind of blindness that reflects the 'world of wolves and sheep'. Reason is sanity - which is not established by clever thinking but as expression of a wholeness of being that rationality cannot know - because it was brought forth to justify un-Reason or dis-alignment of heart and mind.

US(A) wars are a means of redistributing wealth and power, bleeding even the host dry as well as the world at large. Power corrupts because all power is of God and the identification with self-image sleeps within its own reflections. So another way of reading all this stuff is to see the lesson within the reflection we have generated.

comment to the above by Paul:
This is dense to the point of ambiguity. You should unpack it.
Apparently power should not corrupt if you know it for what it is.
To Paul:

I don't use the word 'should' except in sentences like this one ;-)

It may be dense but it is definite. If there is something unclear I gladly respond.

The illusion of power corrupts. Power itself is incorruptible.
Attachment to the illusion of power generates an identity of addiction of a self-sense that is falsely identified.
So yes if you know the nature of power, you will not be corrupted because you know its shared nature. It may not seem so in a world so fear defined but the world truly is not as fear defines it - excepting as the experience of anyone who believes the thoughts that fear elicits to keep it hidden.

BTW I agree with your comment on love's potentiality only I would say that we ARE that potentiality and cannot utterly eradicate or cover over our original nature - although clearly the attempt to do so is deeply embedded as a kind of second or learned habit-nature that operates a kind of protection racket.

Perhaps density merely expands here - but I find the burden of security screening and translation is a lot of what impedes the freeflow of Idea - but of course getting used to anyone's way of communicating has a certain syncing dance. If there is a resonance or relevance then there is a motivation to focus in on a communication. If it were batting opinions around then that's ok but doesn't vibrate at a level that communicates more than a willingness to compete. (I don't find that in you btw).

So you could say - would you unpack it? - or perhaps focus the particular part that has more interest as re-writing what is already clear to me will otherwise provide a different slice of the same pie that may be equally indigestible.

On the same page : to this comment by 'fern'

28 pages from the 9/11 report released might clear up some questions re manipulations of geopolitics. Joining BRICS might send the world a message that the U.S. is returning to the principles of the Treaty of Westphalia. Otherwise we proceed with WWIII and extinction. But the human addiction to love/agape may be hard wired from birth, at least, that's my viewpoint. The parasitic Wall Street high rollers, Saudi puppets, fraudulent Malthusians are dead walking. Now would be a most satisfying time to occupy the cognitive domain and have fun as a human being. It's your choice.

I haven't read the report but addiction is to eros (not agape) as the Life Energy from which one feels disconnected, disqualified, abandoned or rejected, and is party wired or templated into human birth - and further reinforced in infancy as social adaptation into the inheritance of loveless fears and double binds that induce fear or anger but forbid expression. A 'managed and manipulated' consciousness is hardly going to reflect a free and flowing world.
One can uncover the template of self-definition and cast out the moneylenders - which are an apt metaphor whatever does not belong to you that then operates as a usurping and jamming signal relative to what truly does. For what you love is what you give yourself to - and not what you sell your Soul (feeling-awareness) to get.
Now is the only time in which to invite and extend the knowing of joy in life. The walking 'dead' re-enact a past made in anger that denies Presence, in perpetuity or until perhaps the pain of meaninglessness outweighs any sense of fun in getting a fix for your golem. That's one reason to want conflict - because conflict gives a 'hit' of identity by being against something.
That choice operates is a worthy meeting place. All perspectives arises from accepting definitions that are believed in the moment of acting out as if they are true.
Human beings who believe they know usurp the receptivity in which knowing is freely given. There's another reason to want conflict, for it supports the scare city principal of separateness guarded by 'elite' access to knowledge.

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