Monday, 19 January 2015

Terror blowback?

In response to an Article: Europe's terror attacks: The blowback from Western intervention | OpEdNews

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We live in an era where false flag and staged events are a significant possibility among actual events.

Where journalism is told what to write or trained to know what not to write.

Notwithstanding this, un-managed or unexpected events also serve or are seized upon for serving political agendas with distorted interpretation.

If the 'terror' is the instigator AND the intended effect - then terrorism is the new politics - not that it was absent in the old. Terror-victimhood and fear offers the 'justifiction' for the assertion of power upon populations by established powers.

Fear triggers reaction. Fear conditions patterns of identity and reaction. Fear thus operates a self reinforcing delusion unless its alarm is used to awaken our consciousness to align more truly and deeply within Consciousness.

For personal agenda overrides honesty and we all know that truth is the first and implicit casualty of war.

Not that truth stops being true - but that fearful coercions and deceits are brought into effect to heavily discourage witnessing or communicating truly. 'Protection rackets' are scams that impose and magnify the conditions by which they are validated and necessary and powerful - and defend against anything that actually facilitates peace.

Yes, if provoked enough, one can often generate 'blowback' reaction. If one cant, then one can carry out such actions in ways that are perceived as intended. This will not always be so. But it is sometimes so.

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