Friday, 23 January 2015

False framing, manipulating perception, directing history

I notice a mainstream article in the Guardian crafted to deliver a hidden agenda in the guise of moderation.

"Now is not the time for Britain’s Jews to talk of leaving

That Jews face a heightened threat from Islamists is undeniable but society is not against us"

It says  to its target audience; who are distinctly separated from their homeland by defining as 'Briain's Jews' that "now IS the time to talk of leaving - ostensibly for Isreal - but really - just to be afraid and unsettled and thus drawn into deeper support for WAR on Islam - and back this up with the reminder the Society Itself may turn against .... an "us" that the writer presumably speaks for - and writes to incept in the readers mind.
To the Jewish reader, a sense of unity in persecution and victimhood, and to non-Jewish readers of a mainstream British news publication, an exclusion that re states Jews are different or separate from not only Islamists (who have been redefined thus as a hate identity), but from Society - whatever country you have otherwise embraced and accepted and participated in and contribute to as a human being.

The response I commented into is below:

Fear conditions reaction. If given power to do so. Fear-based conditioning operates emotionally triggered pathways of reaction that can then be exploited. Setting up a fearfully defined scenario as if it were true invites others to enter or participate in the definition and thus reinforce its claim to being true.

Consciousness works in strange ways. We co create perceptions, reactions and experience without 'knowing what we do' - although we all 'think' we know what we are doing - and that is where fear-defined thinking usurps Reason.

Jewish Britons, or Britons of Jewish descent, are a richly diverse range of individuals many of whom might assimilate more completely to their homeland - to the land they make their home in - if they were not conditioned to fear being invalidated, rejected, denied and persecuted just for 'Jewishness' - by the narrative of extermination by Nazism being kept ever fresh.

Very clever people - of any background, can learn how to manipulate perceptions. Though the wise, resist the illusion of power this confers. The problem is never 'Jewish', nor Islamic. The problem is framed in consciousness and reacted from as if true - asserted true and defended or fought for as true.

All of the mounting problems reflecting back at us in our times call out for re-evaluation within consciousness - and I would put a C to make it Consciousness - because human consciousness is a fear-conditioned device that runs believing itself free - believing its own thinking.

Thinking can contrive financial instruments that no one can understand - as part of an obfuscation. Whilst there may well be some whose identity expresses the right to deceive as a legitimate means to an end, more single mindedly than others, the 'deceiver' is never really "out there" but in our own unguarded capacity to drift from or adulterate, what we feel and know to be true of us.

The Past is a poor script to choose from when apart from its imposition, all creative opportunity and endeavour is open to explore and share in.

When I meet the presence of another - everything else is secondary. The refusal of presence is itself a conditioned fear - and not a proof of unworthiness for love.

Education always meets a willingness to learn. Self-righteousness is 'loving to hate' and always masks a 'hating to love'. There are many things in the world that are terrible to contemplate, but I do not feel to use them or be used by them as a foundation from which to make identity from.

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