Sunday, 18 January 2015

An alloy of Ideals and hidden agendas

On article titled: "It's Finally Official - Pope Francis Demotes Highest-Ranking US Cardinal Over LGBT Issues"

The judging of good and evil is the false mind that seems split off from Intimacy with God. Any individual is free to discern what is true or false with regard to their own core being and live from that as their true extension of presence into the world. Not that it will be agreed with, accepted or tolerated by others, but that the joy of an unconflicted presence extends peace through whatever it does because it is not at war with itself.
The idea that humanity's function is to determine truth for or impose it upon OTHERS, arises from the fear of a sinful nature that must be fought against, overcome, controlled and conformed to a coercive idea that may seek to represent ideals or may be hijacked by agendas seeking private power and gain through the trojan horse of protection and guidance.
Insofar as identity and sexual orientation have been increasingly politicized, these also exhibit an alloy of Ideal and hidden agenda. But love seeks not to GET from.
Indeed all kinds of Ideals are now corrupted with such manipulative deceits.
While attention is diverted and distracted with polarising conflicts the deceiver sets all things to serve a joyless or Soul-sacrificing agenda of manipulating... but manipulated egos who worship beliefs or definitions of themselves and Life, that effectively deny or indeed crucify the Innocence and Intimacy of being for persona-power.
Difference of unique qualities is to be celebrated. The attempt to differentiate from Life, from one's true nature, so as to 'get something' for oneself at the expense of others, is to identify falsely - regardless what form it may take. That is to say, one can make an identity out of anything and use it as a mask, a manipulation, and an illusion of vanity and arrogance.

Indeed we all have this mentality within us and while we do not own our own - and attend to our own integrity - we are likely to focus somewhat exclusively 'away from home' in the world of conflict and diversion.


What we believe in our hearts manifests as we stand in it and give it witness. The convoluted rules of the head that tries to usurp the heart are not loving and operate coercively in the name of the heart's symbols.
Symbols, images and Ideals cannot define or replace G-d. This is a Fundamental error in which a mind thinks it can judge good and evil WITHOUT Intimacy with God  - with Soul, with the Guidance and listening of the heart surrendered in willingness for truth.

The Second Coming can be accepted as the Awakening of the same mind that was in Jesus - in Humanity, starting with oneself, now. Jesus was not a Christian, nor was he constrained by his own Law and tradition. But he demonstrated love's will in place of a masked or personal agenda of self-apart interest.
Symbols CAN be used within awakening Life rather than substituting for it, and indeed the Holy Spirit is the innate capacity to communicate on all levels - including symbol and archetype.
The mentality of war operates exclusively as 'either/or'. The mind of peace operates 'both/and' But without peace is contradiction - which is war. The only peace is to discern and be the truth you are. The endless war is to attempt to be what you are not and defend it against 'what Is'. When humanity loves its own identifications more than the light by which it lives, it 'knows not what it does'.

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