Thursday, 22 January 2015

Modern world: Communication breakdown

Why the modern world is bad for your brain
In an era of email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter, we’re all required to do several things at once. But this constant multitasking is taking its toll. Here neuroscientist Daniel J Levitin explains how our addiction to technology is making us less efficient

Is it the modern "world" or is it the acceptance of and identification within beliefs or self-definitions that are not true of us?

Is the brain-body the physical aspect of  a communication device that tunes to and 'translates' or bridges non physical Ideational information as an integral expression of such communication?

Is the personality construct not a counterpart to the physical brain as a kind of virtual avatar through which non physical consciousness accesses experience of physical existence?

Is therefore the brain-bodied personality construct not therefore an intentional device of stepped-down limitation to effectively block, limit, and filter the Process of Life or Existence that IS Relation or Communication within Itself as a personal focus of unfolding experience of Self Revelation?

I hold these can be answered by honest observation or noticing.

Limiting is part of focusing and not in itself negative, but exclusive focus becomes a negative when operating without regard for wholeness of relation aka sanity or Reason.

The exclusively identified persona perspective has effectively got everything in reverse - as if IT alone determines and decides and plate-juggles life as ongoing crisis management in which the more 'control' is invested, the more 'out of control' the experience of self becomes. This triggers further layers of defence to cope with not coping such as to effectively redefine insanity as normal, and maintain such investment in this defence-identity as to regard anything sane as a threat... calling to be defended against or subverted to serve a weaponizing mentality and so it all operates as communication breakdown or dysfunctional collapse - or it might if the 'war-persona' didn't use war and death as a substitute for life and creation, for the power to destroy seems to be the power OVER life to any mind that is so exclusively identified within its own conflicted self-sense (albeit in projection) that it has forgotten the qualities of Appreciation and Gratitude that is the core nature of relational communication OF and WITH the non physical.

The simplicity of pausing long enough in in active willingness to connect with one's peace is the conscious unwillingness to persist in conditioned reaction and regain a perspective that can discern the practical step within a wholeness of being - aka joy or heartfelt connection.

The term 'I' or indeed 'you' is a relative terms - not only to each other - but can and does often refer to a disconnected bunch of thoughts that  - if paused and investigated are NOT true of you (or of me).

The disregard or neglect of this primary responsibility AS consciousness, is the indulgence of a powerlessness seeking power, a lovelessness seeking love, a fearful vulnerability seeking security and protection. And no matter the intensity of such experience, it reflects less than true, for you can leave unchosen that which is untrue of you, and can give your attention in alignment with your true desire and can wholly stand in what you know to be true of you now and live that as an unconflicted flow of being that naturally knows how to be in any given situation without coming from a negatively or fearfully defined sense of self.

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