Monday, 19 January 2015

They live - we sleep

That Very First Billboard Decoded in ''They Live'' Wasn’t Put There by Accident

To an article on the Film 'They Live".

Self-attack splits the mind into a victim and victimiser both - but redefines and masks its separated and separating fragments so as to hide the split and appear unified. This operates as subconscious and unconscious levels of hidden agenda beneath the surface dream of the resultant experience of an apparently independent will, within a world that partially protects but yet is insecure and hostile to survival too.

These patterns within Consciousness have come to operate habitually and automatically as if they are a separate or segregated consciousness, identified in opposition and reaction within the illusion of power that is actually an ongoing series of conditioned reactions. Illusions are reinforced by mutual agreement. Some awareness of this subconscious layer extends the idea of power into manipulating others by guile.

Whether by transaction by force or by deceit everyone seeks to get what they believe they lack and need FROM each other and FROM their world. This pattern is a symptom of having become displaced from consciousness of true relation with Consciousness, with other living beings and the world at large.

Displacement from truly aligned consciousness within Consciousness is the effect of attacking Self and projecting the attack onto others, and then using the past made in anger as a basis of atonement or vengeance that effectively operates a script of re-enacting one's past by using it to interpret the present and make it continuous with the future - thus enforcing a linear continuity of broken cause and effect upon the ever unfolding Now of True Presence.

This is A way to use the mind - but it is not the only way and it is not a joyful expression of the freedom to be all of what you are in ever new experience of existence. Waking to recognize what you are NOT facilitates the re-Membering of What you ARE. For an Idea cannot attack the mind that thinks it - except in concept of a wish given temporary precedence and accepted true.

The identification within a 'lie' is a kind of love - only it loves that which truly is not and can never be. But love never opposes or attacks, or coerces, for love is the creative, and the appearance of the destructive as an opposing force is a shadow from a love of the false - from that which is not true of who you know yourself to be.

In truth all willingly yields unto its Source without destruction. In attempt to survive in form, this is scripted in fear. The scripting of the self and world by fear IS a coercive manipulative reaction to the fear that always results from acting out of true. Pausing from activation via reaction re-awakens the connected joy as a movement of wholeness of being. Abiding in and as this is the presence in which distortions and limiting filters of false definition are undone.

Those who seek to lure or bait you or terrorize you to abandon your true being are echoes of the 'self-attacking' attempt to hide the 'sinner' and nurture the sense of being sinned against.

Underneath appearances are choices you can own, that then can be released as unwanted and indeed meaningless and irrelevant to who you know yourself to be - and learn to recognize in all you meet.

This is - you are - Consciousness. Your choices generate your experience and the choice to limit, divide and hide yourself can be uncovered to be released rather than used for hate and vilification,blame and shame and another round of 'self-righteous' war. It's our choice.

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