Friday, 14 November 2014

Locked into war?

Tech firms need to fight jihadist material online says David Cameron

UK prime minister unveils joint initiative with Australia to ensure that internet does not become “an ungoverned space”
This article is buried in a misleading headline, for what it actually reports of Mr Cameron's plans goes far beyond tech firms being compelled to censor the Net.

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 “If we are to bust the myths that stand in the way of the great new trade and investment deals now before us".

The "we" and the "us" surely refers to what might be colloquially called gangster elitists and the rest are "busted".

The tempter suggests with isistence (oops! that was a slip of the fingers) - that "the country" - well, most of the globe really -  is being locked into "an idealogical war" from which opting out will be denied - IF of course we do no opt out while the trap is not fully set.

I'm quite willing to accept that otherwise honourable and loveable people can be conditioned or in some sense subverted and corrupted by insider dealings that seem to make sense in the forms they are framed.

But how far can a mind stretch in knowingly speaking out the sense-less because some alternative scenario insists that to not do so is worse?

Un-owned fear is the 'cause' of projected hatred.
Of course one acts to side WITH freedom - even if we are clumsy or imperfect in so doing. But to FIGHT for freedom is to make war the only freedom.

No one can give what they do no have. A greater perspective will not come from the fear-driven, and a blindness of self-agenda will not serve excepting to demonstrate a lack of wholeness of mind - the alarm of which serves to awaken the NEED for Perspective - unless it is used to perpetuate war.

Double-speak - double-think is the ideology of a split mind - regardless of its flag or label. Ideology is dead - long live the king of negatively defined ideology. We now have none of our own and have to import it from opposing IS.

The negatively defined self IS the root problem. All split polarities feed each other to mutually reinforce identities that otherwise disintegrate.

This kind of thinking has been engaged, employed and developed for a long time. If it is not disengaged from operating in our own minds we will be baited into reactive futility. My invitation is to pause in the idea that one is not locked into personal reaction, but can pause our own 'thinking in its liability to doublespeak us falsely, and allow perspective in which we feel connected not with energy of self righteous vindication, but with a core sense of value that MUST extend and include others - even if they suffer thought disordered estrangement from such value in themselves.

Mad or delusional identity takes any form of multiple personalities to assert a coercive agenda. In desperation it becomes more obviously deranged and dangerous. But the answer to danger is a true accounting and this the moneylenders in the template will not allow. So look to the altar of your own devotions and dedications in life and see that all is facing in one unified purpose - for if not, your dial is set to another channel and doublespeak is all that will be heard. It really is a matter of choice - and not coercion - but to know that one has to step out of the framework of a coercive deception. This goes far beyond the particulars of the political shenanigans - yet is contained within it and within all that likewise teaches fear as its power and protector and its god.
Fear must be faced within a true accounting for a grounded and true perspective to emerge. Proxy parents who seek to make children in their own image" deny the very power of living in exchange for delusions of power that evaporate as quickly as they arise. They also become intolerably burdened with controlling what is completely beyond control. Life is not coercion. But we are free to choose to give our power away to that which then gives back in the same measure we give out.  True governance must serve the whole - not the notional security of the undue influence of a private agenda which cares nothing whatsoever for aught but itself and sacrifices its own as easily. This indeed is 'locked in' and cannot or dare not even imagine escape.

The ancients said 'as above, so below' speaking originally of the Creative that we might call 'within' but not within our framework of thinking. But a within from which one can observe the thoughts that otherwise deceive. The politics of our world will reflect the politics of our consciousness and our true freedom is not to rearrange the political furniture but to embrace a communication within our own being in which coercion is put aside. For the two are mutually exclusive. If truth is the first casualty of war - then no less is war is the first casualty of truth. If it is not a war - then it is a belief in war being played out by deception. The idea of deception is not a new one - but the height of folly is to presume the deceiver left our mind when we decided we were rational beings. Reason is a sanity of heart and mind as one. A truly joyful and extending presence does not need to define truth, but shares it wordlessly and can listen to people of every kind of tongue.

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