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Poverty of Spirit and obscene inequality

The subject of wealth distribution and the politics of our way of organising our affairs:
This article on an editorial, "Why Are We So Obsessed With Everyone Else's Wealth?"

My comment:

Lets all blame it on the symptoms!
"God is dead - there are ONLY symptoms!"
"Symptoms lock us into a war that we cannot opt out of!"
"You are the problem - I hate you. No, you are the problem - I hate you and your hate proves I am right".

Many at the Daily Bell know that a significant aspect of problem is actually the assertion of 'answers' that really perpetuate the problem in disguise and are not answers at all - but are traded AS IF they were. They 'redistribute problem'.

A true accounting must remove falsely framed agendas and assertions so as to simply know.
Thinking about and opinion-asserting is grabbing at straws.
The idea that truth is ours to determine gives rise to a personal or private mind, and agenda
If such 'power' then consolidates so as to Lord it over a world it effectively dictates - why would we be surprised?
But without its game of power such 'lord' is nothing. Nothing at all.
What is it that pays tribute unto this dark 'lord'
but fear's displacement.

Thank the reflection for revealing a truth that it neither frames nor imagines.
Even if that such is to recognize what has no belonging in a unified purpose and so none in me.
We invest and trade and identify in a currency of ideas. This but reflects 'downstream' as the world such identity establishes.
Until the whole thing is brought to account, there can only be the desperation of positions within a fear of loss.
Upstream is the consciousness at template level that operates in secret and guile only because of what it is being used FOR.
Upstream of that is the Creative - which the ingenious denies in seeking self-specialness without consequence.
No one in their right mind seeks self-specialness.
Wrong-mindedness may become the norm here, but it will never become love. Hence it MUST deny love to seem bearable.

Power-envy operates the manufacture of grievance.
Who has ears, let them hear!

- - -

On the same page was a comment by GF:
Wealth Redistribution is almost as pernicious and destructive as Monopoly Central Banking. Both should be eliminated from the human lexicon, and relegated to the dustbin of history, where they belong. Yeah, I know, fat chance. : )

I reply:

Isn't the attempt to eliminate the way we KEEP things rather than release them? History does shoe remarkable persistence in repeating itself - albeit in ever more complex forms. But I like the idea of redefining everything clearly so that coercion is coercion is coercion no matter which 'side' of the fence it appears to be on - or how much justifiction it generates from its polar opposite.
History can mean what is not here now unless we choose to repeat it by reacting as if it is here. It can also mean the coercive narrative of a justification for wielding power at expense of living presence.
The coercive mentality makes its own version of 'directed history'.
By the way if the 'banking system' COULD be made a transparent and fully accountable service - such that no sleeves existed to hide false cards, no table to hide signal under and no loopholes that could be exploited to corrupt its service - what kind of system would it be?
And if wealth distribution was a movement of free will rather than of pernicious withholding via artificially imposed scarcities and reflected patterns of value shared.
The deceiver works both ends of the market, or the conflict, by interjecting a false framework onto a communication breakdown. I feel a world of difference between siding with freedom rather than 'fighting for it' for all wars are in a sense 'the banker's wars' although the corruption in the template is not IN the symbol that reflects it - nor the scapegoat offered up to relieve it from exposure.
But healing our mind DOES mean being more and more aware and responsible for our currency and usage of thought and word and therefore of the deeds that effect automatically from the only level that can be truly changed - for coercing behaviours is not freedom no matter what is 'eliminated' thereby. Reclaiming power must begin with recognizing and owning our part in a deception regardless 'who seemed to start it'. Merely operating a grievance aims victimhood at whoever and whatever the conditioning dictates as 'enemy'. I'm not suggesting there are not strong feelings associated with our sense of grievance, but they do not mean that the self-definition that gives rise to them is the whole truth.
History is also a perception and all perception is selective. One can perceive from a sense of lack and grievance or from a sense of wholeness. Many find great self-forgiveness approaching death and become illuminated by a tangible peace. I am not suggesting we put off today until tomorrow - but that we are not LOCKED into perspectives but by our own pride - along with a lifetime's conditioning to operate 'command and control' or else feel failure and powerlessness.
The microcosm is the portal to the Macrocosm. But one can indulge a sense of powerlessness so as to no longer feel obliged to live the capacity that one does have to embody and communicate a better way of living than fearful greed and shameful envy.
When everyone chooses NOT to choose their own integrity, the 'market' is wide open to corruption. Waiting to see if others will change first or justifying the status quo because 'what difference would it make if I changed' IS the investment in the status  quo - at the level of measuring everything primarily in terms of the sense of personal loss or gain that y/our history sets as the available options.
Though I include you in reply here I am of course addressing a wider attention and not focussing on you personally. That thinking makes it so is forgot in the wish that our thoughts be true. A disconnected thinking costs the mind an extraordinary overhead in defence and of course leads via bedlam to a prodigal wasteland.

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