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Mind Machines

Mind Machines

Is it possible that the human mind is a radically different thing from a computer?
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Everything in our times is converging to promote the awakening of consciousness to its devices and deceptions.
Differentiate the usage of the idea of Mind Itself, from the idea of  Individuality of expression that is a Soul Consciousness, and differentiate such a Unified and equally non-local integrality of wholeness from the idea of a self-segregating definition of separate or independent consciousness. Whereas the mind denoted capital M Mind is 'God' and the Extension of such Indivisibility is 'Sonship' or Creation - these are not within the time and space framework of consciousness as we generally believe and experience it to be. The Non Local is All pervading. Our local perspective and experience has in effect been designed to forget or cover over our Eternal or Universal cognition as an unfolding framework of experience and consciousness within the Universal Movement of Being within Consciousness that operates "Know Thyself" or Self-Reflective EXPERIENCE within Infinite reflective play of possibility and probability arising from unique expressions of Being that is likewise Creative but does not create Itself.
The generating of a feedback of physical experience of the Movement of Being is one of innumerable facets, but at its foundation is an intentional device of inducing a divisive and polarised binary blocking template through which the communication of Wholeness is experienced as  split off or fragment Mind. The seemingly split mind associates its mind almost exclusively as residing within a body, as a differentiating protective mechanism, and grows a persona to integrate and consolidate a fragmenting and fragmented 'split mind' as an experience of continuity and some stability amidst an equally fragmented and chaotic 'world' of others, of forces and events that are unrecognized and therefore in which the self seeks to survive, exploit, and prevail over.
The disintegration of inevitable failure to integrate the un-integratable is reflected in discoveries and insights that bring paradigm shifts. The discovery of the mechanism of the manifest Universe includes the programmed or conditioned personality structure and its corresponding  patterning and pathways as the totality of the body mind expression.
So there is an aspect of our consciousness that is in a sense designed as a communication device through which to explore and share in a physical experience... a separation experience - but that flips to become a re-wakening experience.
The communication between the Non-physical non-local Mind and the personality structure is  re-opening even as the intensity of the segregative 'divide and rule' mentality seems to rise to dominance.
Letting the Light back in that was never really absent - but was in a sense mapped out of awareness or mapped into a disguise.
Until the Light is welcomed and Recognized, the incoming insight and discovery will feed the control mentality with destructive and degrading effect. The overlap of machine and brain is already in play but Higher Mind or the truly Creative is not a machine or a process in linear terms of cause and effect for it IS Cause/Effect as One Totality and can never be other that because there is no other. The sense of otherness is the self-differentiation that derives experience of what one is - which is never definitive or conclusive excepting its qualities and laws are always present whatever other local 'laws' are derived from them.
The elephant in this room is the so called self that thinks it thinks alone and apart and therefore is and has the power to assert itself upon the whole from such an imaginary point of view.
Mechanism in service to Life is invisible - like a well played instrument. Mechanism operating coercively upon Life is opaque and ultimately renders Life as a joyless and meaningless experience of loss and conflict stuffed into an ever smaller box until it is a coffin. The Wizard of Ox seemed to enjoy his Big Identity - but was as lost and powerless as everyone else when the curtain was undrawn.
A mechanism of itself cannot accept a decision but can replicate certain aspects of a previous decision or programmed set of conditions. It only has a rear-view mirror of what its database holds as already happened to interpret what is actually happening according to the rules of its programming. BUT nothing truly is without or apart from Consciousness and Consciousness with a C is Creator to all that it Knows as All That Is.
The interface between physical and non physical is not as absolute and ultimate as materialism wishes were true. Nor is it a personally coercive imposition or interference as religionists wish true. The true resolving of the split mind and its chaotic reflection is in a unified appreciation arising from an abandonment of the core mechanism of victimhood, powerlessness and the striving of an identity based on lack to overcome its intimately self inflicted predicament.
The Creative choice between mechanism as power over or mechanism as vehicle to communicate and experience through is at THAT foundational level. The exposing of a false sense of power is the portal to choosing ONLY what we Are. Each experiences and comes to accept or delay this Creative Freedom in their own way. The mistaken belief that rationality and technology are already creative freedom is the least able to see or hear because it wants to USURP Life and render it in its own image.
There are facets that play a vital role in certain processes but if they replicate out of context, they become antagonistic or even parasitical upon the whole and in ways that can subvert the defences that should check and contain it, to operate in reverse.
When a house cannot stand - go to the foundations and check the template - clear out anything from the temple that does not belong and embody integrity in all that comes hence.

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