Tuesday, 9 July 2013

True Power does not hide behind a mask

Snowden’s revelations highlight the moral decline of America

(Commented on an FT page)

The immature or disconnected mind, wishes to change external reality to make itself feel better or less dissonant, without any process of transformational change or growth of perspective. As it attempts this it not only meets opposition and adversity which reinforce the 'problem' in the terms it set; and validates the use of power or force as a necessary protection from the reflection/reactions of its own unowned acts.

A 'divide and rule' polarity sets up mutually reinforcing shadow fears, the 'other' becomes the means of justifying the breakdown of trust, of communication, of the extension of a sense of worth. This is then expressed as some kind of self-specialness, which in a sense is a 'war on truth', insofar as it blocks and distorts... the extension of a sense of worth in trust that communicates an integrity of being that includes all.

The understanding of our mind - in actually transformational terms - is not at all the mining of the data of spiritual or psychological insight in order to get a better handle on manipulating our world.

Yet such programs run blindly on in every walk of life including the US Government. It is the zeitgeist that needs to change/is changing and this is  - if you will - a wave of recognition within us that many will accept, rather than seek to deny. What does not work and can not work is more than futility - it is depriving us of what can work and does work - while we engage, employ or give our lives to it.

Speaking truth to power is not so much a tactic as an extension of the presence of a shared worth. An act of witness. True power does not hide behind a mask - yet we give power to the mask of perceptions and presentations and play out as if this were all true.

The nature of Mind has some immutable laws; as you give, so shall you receive. There is NO coercion in this law. A coercive intent will reflect and rebound! The wish to keep it will hide in a masquerade in which a relative innocence is asserted as justification to defend - indeed to attack first! - the ones who are seeking to steal, deprive or threaten.

In all cultures are seeds of truth and tares of distortion. That which seems to threaten may in fact be that which serves to grow our perspective - and which cannot be avoided. The refusal to grow clutches a past that is not here.

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