Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Extraterrestrial life

Articles on E.T Life that make the news tend to be those that fit comfortably with the scientific paradigm and anything more specific that doesn't arrive as microbes, fossils or distant radio waves is too risk to be seen to be associated with and still have a 'reputation'. So I looked at a tag for extraterrestrials when Google had an article on scientists begging for a million pounds to fund ET searching, to see what else flagged up. Not a lot. Not such as THIS fairly recent event featuring many credible participants - including a Canadian defence minister

But I looked at this page - (Are we alone? Athens State speaker to discuss evidence of extraterrestrial life) - that had a poll:

Do you believe in life from other worlds?

The vote suggests that life comes from worlds. I cant vote for that! All life is an expression of Infinite Intelligence (for lack of better words).

Human consciousness - AS ASSERTED - is based on - AS IF - we are separate from Life - as a self existing orphaned or random entity. We are not alone, but All One. When we step outside the fences we use to differentiate our mind from our experience, we will re integrate to the MORE of what we truly are. The limitations of our thinking give us the experience of the 'Universe out there', which our current science looks to, in order to solve the riddle of its own existence. Truth is NOT 'out there', but our perception and experience is a valid reflector of the active 'background' processes that are most intimate to our sense of identity and our identifications and definitions of our world, and each other. 

The infinite expression of Creation is a whole or unified extension of Mind or 'God'. There is no separation except in thought - that is, there is no 'self' alone and apart and mysteriously possessing powers of autonomous control - though you might say it has a virtual reality in the focus of your attention.
Aliens are others are un-recognized brothers. For Life being the Source of all - we cannot NOT be family. But this is no less true within our own local world - in which we have tended to act out not from the felt quality of communion - but from the assertions and validations of specialness that focus almost exclusively on difference amidst a mentality that operates by divide and rule. We call THAT intelligence - but it is a distortion of coercion and attempt to control. 

Just as family dynamics express needs that we each are invited to work out with each other, so with Earth Consciousness and some other Intelligent species. The key is integration - the lock that seems to deny is the urge of control. What we attract is simply reflecting where we are coming from. However, modern man sleeps on the surface of his mind and thinks his self-justifications are real - but beneath the trance are suggestions that are our own limiting conditioning - along with those who take advantage of our suggestibility. Search for Bashar if you are willing to listen to the communication of an 'Alien' who is in many ways Our Future. We are always free to disbelieve - or else the Universe would be coercive upon us - and this can not be so - because of That which truly Lives us - even if we hardly recognize Life in our busy distracted and self absorbed reactivity!

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