Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The politics of perception

Snowden deserves an immediate presidential pardon
History will probably be kinder to the American than to his pursuers, writes Stephen Walt


The politics of perception has become a politics of polarisation in which the parts of the corporate body attack each other and itself in fear of losing power as power is defined and played out.

Truth is not a matter of propaganda and presentation - but of conviction, the expression of which, in act and deed is an extension of trust.

Without integrity, there is no basis for trust. Fear and guilt become contagion and all is given to madness.
The decision to come out from the closet - or the bunker - and stand in witness to truth as best as it can be discerned and honoured - is to be restored to our true living - regardless of the way the cookie crumbles - because the perspective of integrity is not a self inflated justification for the lack of it!

A tyranny of fear that uses guilt to manipulate has all the power that fear and confusion gives it. Therefore to withhold allegiance to its dictate, is not to react or protest so much as to reclaim the power of one's own creative freedom to discern and honour Life rather than seek a private self protective advantage over Life - and over others.

When fear and guilt are given power to create - we can reliably expect monsters. Reason is more than rational manipulations or justifications. It is Sanity Itself. Our models or images of Man and the Universe are setting the context for the social, political and economic templates of our times. Surely it is time to wake up from a self defeating war upon our very Life - upon ourself and each other, by which we are deceived.

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