Monday, 8 July 2013

To control chaos is to override choice?

Alternative to military intervention was a country in chaos, says former prime minister

The exercise of power is necessary in this world. Every parent knows that - and indeed every child!. And yet every parent realizes that they do not have it but are serving a role on behalf of the one who is growing and learning to be in the world. Integrity is the congruency and honesty in which power does not corrupt, because it is not then an assertion of personal force upon another - even if it appears to be from the perspective of the one who is growing.

The corruption of power is a control-mentality that substitutes a personal sense of power for a lack of integrity. For such mentality of control believes it is necessary and called upon - indeed it is a saviour from a chaos that it finds intolerable. And this argument can be induced in any mind that has lost its capacity to truly communicate amidst a polarized struggle that it perceives outside itself.

I write this not just to identify this mentality with Mr Blair, or the Egyptian military, or the vested interests that have great influence over the Egyptian military - such as the US - nor indeed the few who have great influence over the apparent governance of the US.

It is in everyone - though it manifests on stage as the powers of the day or indeed the age. Behind the scenes we are all participant until we opt out of its dictate within our own mind - where it runs as if our own self protective thinking.

Because it costs us our true living and substitutes false powers and freedoms in exchange for the fundamental and innate dignity of our essential humanity.

There is an alternative to conflict - and it involves starving the conflict of its fuel. To stand in a sense of value and integrity as an expression and a call for a just life must recognize that one can only war with brothers and sisters who are as ourselves but with whom we have become divided.

The control mentality needs and wants you to have enemies, to fear them and to hate them and to find righteousness in so doing - and this is because it has not righteousness in itself without them and can be clearly seen as a self-specialness of no loving intent.

The willingness to give allegiance to that which generates fear in the guise of protection weakens when it can no longer keep fear hidden. 'Chaos' is here REGARDLESS of any attempt to control others - even be it World Government with biotech capabilities scarcely imaginable. It simply changes forms.

To embrace chaos is to release self-certainties and private self interests enough to allow an honest perspective to arise in place of of programmed reaction. This is always one step at a time. We live the moment we are in as an expression of Life - not as a template of thinking.

Everything has its strength and its liability. Discernment can feel for the original impulse that underlies the apparent form of a conflicted state and therefore work to reveal lines of communication in which trust can be rebuilt.

When our shadows are seen on others and hated, we become the shadows of others. This need not be.

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