Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The war of terror and the making of history

Occasionally he’d stroll across the field to chat to his eldest son and admire his cow, while munching on an apple and some chocolate

Be acutely aware that you cannot expect reliable news coverage of anything to to with the 'war of terror' being waged against our minds - if we suck into it. History is being made... indeed.

The Bin Laden family are VERY close to the Bush family. (One random example of many) When all planes were grounded on 9/11, an exception was made for the Bin Laden family to escape the actual physical company of the Bush family.

Oil is central to the world power struggles and the markets and power of influence of the supplier/pusher make any other kind of drug induced corruption insignificant - even if all added together.

Corruption is when one loses one's integrity for a false promise of power or self protection. Without integrity, power struggle replaces a unity and all that seems to be on the table is war - through 'fair' means or foul - but when the masks no longer deceive - only the foul can be seen.

In the sheer insanity of war, the mind screams out for integrity - for a basis of meaning that restores sanity. But in the masquerade that collapses to reveal the most heartless intent, all go righteously in unconscious reaction.

Anyone public tends to be remade in the image of the media - and the mind of the masses. Their symbolic use in the collective mind is created and their actual existence ignored. This is not just terrorists and celebs - it is you and I. We have no real existence in such a world but only what can be got from us. A heartless intent that sets up and destroys as its whim decrees.

As long as this heartless intent can be masked or seen for the most part on the OTHER - then it can be killed over and over - while luring the mind to believe its own relative innocence and allowing it to be suggestible to manipulations that purport to provide 'protection'.

But the attempt to control life, other people, the world, only leads to a more and more out of control situation - at ever deeper levels of madness. There is a better way, but the voice for self-specialness will not allow or accept it, so we have to be willing to release it or put it behind us by not being drawn into reaction, but standing in a shared sense of value.

Don't give in to the terrorists - the fear-mongers, the hate-sellers and grievance grocers.
Find a place in calm that can communicate or simply relate without war.

We seem powerless in the world no matter how unacceptable it is becoming - and yet we are not powerless in our thinking, in our choices and in our honesty.

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