Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Reflections on leaks of a hidden agenda within one mind that wars itself as legion and projects its confusion outside itself

Reflections on leaks of a hidden agenda within one mind that wars itself as legion and projects its confusion outside itself:
News article: Anonymous claims a million Apple IDs in FBI breach

While there are collateral issues in such leaks, it remains clear that without whistleblowers within the culture of such technology, we would be even more tamed, domesticated and manipulated than we apparently are. (Not unlike the image of human batteries in the film 'The Matrix').

Transparency is essential to trust and yet privacy asserts exception. As there is no consciously accepted framework for discerning these needs, they work out in a chaotic and divided way - with all the parts seemingly at war.
Whether technology leads to mind control or mind-awakening is a choice - well at least, awakening is a choice outside the box of what control dictates.
Free will cannot be free if it denies freedom in asserting itself special. Such is the corruption of 'power'. Such is also its invalidity to claim allegiance beyond lip service.

Who knows what back doors are available into our every interaction as a result of new technology? The geeks who set it all up do. In olden times a ruler might devise a secret network of spying and escape routes in their houses - and then kill all of the architects and builders. This isn't so available today - as the stuff wont work without those who know how to maintain it.
I have to trust that if the abuse of power got too repulsive to associate with, that some who are in the know would in one way or another cease to support it and protect its secret.
BUT, anyone who has to make impossible but necessary decisions on a day to day basis in which choosing the lesser evil as can be discerned is the only option available, knows that being morally pure isn't an option in the scenarios that are
unfolding as the human experience dictates.
I feel there IS a different perspective available than what our human thinking dictates and that we get wise to the nature of a self disconnected mind as a deception. But meanwhile we all have to respond with the best we can find with what we have available and this means we fail to embody the love that is our highest truth because we are in confusion of a divided mind. This is a call for a true forgiveness - or else the mentality of blame and defence takes over.
What is forgiveness but to remain open in communication?
What is war but the misuse of the forms of communication as weapons and shields?
The complexity of the fragmentation of mind - as embodied in our human world - is inconceivably impossible to disentangle. But, as computing shows, the core set of programming that sets of such complexity is simple. Awakening isn't fixing the effect - but exposing the cause. In secret, minds can believe their projections. But in the light of a true awareness, a different pathway spontaneously arises.

The ones who can make all this stuff work, may subscribe to the notion that war is our dna - our 'holy' evolutionary duty. But what we choose to give acceptance to in our hearts and minds is not really down to external powers of any kind - unless we want to play it that way - as if to say "It's not my fault, they did it to me" - in attempt to escape one's own mind.

Thanks for your attention.

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