Friday, 7 September 2012

Actual service and notional war

On Bloomberg News, the article:
Samsung Chips Said to Be Kept From New IPhone on Pricing,
might read as a spat between two giant tech corporations - among many such spats in a rapidly evolving scenario of gadgetry that uses and becomes a sort of externalized neural network - whose nature and purpose is as divided and conflicting as our own minds; communication and sharing vs ownership and control.

I commented the writing below because I see these patterns and would raise them to awareness - and to a conscious participation in all that life is - rather than an unconscious entanglement in what we wish or demand it to be.

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This kind of thing speaks of the modern world; where the actual economy is an inter-penetrating interdependence of mutual service and function, but the notional entities are still trying to run as independent identities - whether they be corporations, nations or indeed, persons.

The culture of manipulating a private gain rather than embodying genuine desire for value shared has made war out of relationships of the parts.

Now it might be said that such war is the evolutionary process of arriving at and abiding in What Works and yet that is merely confirming one's starting place of asserting a private gain at expense of others as 'what works'.

It is true that attempts to use power lead to brokering alliances of mutual limitation and cooperation, but these are only held to conditional outcomes of personal advantage and not truly shared value - ie: not real relationships.

The only way of waking up to a different foundational perspective, is to be exposed and confronted in the experience of 'what doesn't work, cannot work and never could work'. This is addressing an orientation to our life rather than mechanical processes that substitute for life.

Survival seems unarguable as a goal, but what is the true nature and purpose of what is surviving? Fear and deception are usurpers of the process of communication and trust upon which all depends.

I realize I am talking of underlying thought and cultural presumptions in what at first glance seems just a shift in relations between two tech companies. But this perspective is where I meet the world in a sense of shared value; in shared purpose.

I don't know if corporate,national or even personal entities are capable of growing trust, because in some sense it is the subordination of the defended identity to a true process of communication that extends and inspires trust.

The exposure of the manipulations of a loveless and joyless intent, through experience of humiliation, cultivates a thirst for truth. Modern technical expertise and sophistication can provide the most subtle and convincing manipulations that are attuned to 'reading' and moulding our psyche. It's a kind of war on the mind in which the only 'way out' is to refuse to take the bait of reaction and to listen - to truly discern - in the heart.

This is simply what we are faced with moment by moment in any case - but reaction indulges the imaginative sense of specialness of self in vindication of a bunch of unobserved ideas that run like background programs.

I have a sense that truth will 'out' and that despite the appearances of war, an externalized mind is emerging - that has no intelligence but our own to extend and yet our own is as yet unawake to its true nature and runs as if an independent program.

Thanks for listening in.

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