Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Living Universe as a basis for trust (regardless of events)

I had a bit of a ramble and rant at the mentality of scientific fragmentation. It isn't so much wanting to be right as a desire to provoke curiosity.

The article was one of many that comes out with the latest scientific finding on some aspect of a calamity in process or ongoing threat.
Why biodiversity increase from global warming is not good news

What if we, (humanity), have our 'binoculars' on back to front?
That is - if we are looking at everything from an inside out and back to front way?
When enough people get stuck in the same place they call it reality.
But stuckness is also the condition for ripening crises.

In looking OUT at what can be objectively verified materially - (including its subtler energetics that are anything but solid as the mind thinks 'solid'), and basing our identity or reality on what essentially is our own thinking, rather than living a direct relational participance, we condition or program ourselves to become like the mechanism we use to 'see' with - and believe and experience accordingly.

We objectify everyone and everything and so do not recognize what we or they truly are. In fact we use this condition as an environment in which to explore and express our own personal thinking - but soon find out that that is only free to imagine, because of giving our power to externalized aspects of our own mind.

Its a 'self' blindness, not unlike a virtual reality helmet. The instant you put it on you are no longer open or available to a communication from outside your box - no matter how vast or complex or self-validating your box becomes. But somewhere in the program is a circuit for listening beyond the thinking in the box!

Because I cannot demonstrate Life or Mind as a Unified Wholeness in which and of which every thing is, I have no validity except as a theory, which if proven true, would completely undermine the illusion of the mind that seeks to control and assert life in its own image. Who seeks to find their own undoing? Only a lover of truth can put self will aside. The so called 'search for truth' can seem to be indefinitely validated in an endless and unfulfillable task.

But I invite considering that if a specific particle can 'give' mass to all that we experience as material - whilst not affecting other particles at all. Then there is every opportunity to put MIND back as the Principle, Law, Nature, Condition, Purpose and Substance of the Whole Universe - that is - of the wholeness of the act of 'knowing or sensing ANYTHING at all!

A materially based frame of reference locates mind in the brain - mostly - and then uses EXTRAORDINARY lengths of time along with random mutations, to substitute for simple and natural Innate Intelligence.

Guess where the apex of intelligence is believed to reside according to the mind that thinks it knows? In this brain of a special freak event called human be-ing. It equates intelligence with clever tricks of prevalence rather than wholeness of being

But Intelligence is a non local Field and the brain and nervous system are transducers or receivers.

Change is afoot! Not that it isn't always - but in periodic times of crisis, there are fundamental shifts.
What isn't apparent to a mind with a vision not unlike a dalek, is that The Whole Thing Shifts.

The Universe in time and space is inherently a selected view. But What Gives Rise to it is not a view so much as a Movement of Awareness that is in no way separate from its Thought or Object.

Now it remains entirely practical to manipulate the environment so as to bring benefit or avert calamity, but man has always tried to atone for or exorcize his demons - that is his unconscious guilt and fear thoughts that arise directly from identifying exclusively with his own thoughts. All tools need to be held in purpose by wisdom of a conscious intent - or they become as if our master.

I predict that the nature of the changes that are occurring are going to expose us to our deeper thoughts, beliefs and intent in a way that we do not imagine or expect, because the true basis of life will be the only foundation that will abide.

To be out of control is fearful to the identity that attempts to be in control, but anyone who makes love or music or participates in life directly, knows that there are harmonizing principles at work or innately available in which we can discern and trust and respond appropriately to whatever is going on.

Just when 'science' believes it is 'getting there', the floor will fall away. Is already disappearing.
Fundamental change doesn't leave observers in a neutral zone. Science must also renew its foundations. The heart - in the sense I use it here, is not the emotional passion of ignorance, manipulation and reaction, but is the seat of true discernment, insight, inspiration - for it is a unified Expression of life. Man may exploit this in Promethean adventure, but always with the same results.

I see it not as a call for fear and further manipulative displacements - but as a wake up call to question the very basis of our thought and culture; the 'tools' through which we extend which become invisible to us. Our mind is such a tool - and the body also. You are not what you think you are, but what you think will distract you from That you are.

Thank You for your attention.

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