Monday, 15 August 2016

Fantasy self-destruction

Online porn: Leading NHS doctor blames easy access to pornography for men's sexual health problems
Easy access to porn has reduced young men's ability to be sexually aroused in real-life settings.
By Léa Surugue

NB for sox - understand = comment restricted word!
When the FORM of anything is given false or fantasy meanings, then reality will fail to meet your unreal and unrelational expectations - or demands. And so a fantasy self withdraws or indeed shrinks to its fantasy world or managed matrix of private and in truth, unfeeling mental 'meanings' - that nothing can really intensify to bring to Life - excepting to lead to even more dependency of investment in false or disconnected fantasy wishes.

Society operates as if forms have built in meanings - but it is the active purpose in your heart and mind that you both have and are. The belief that one is lacking or denied Life leads to the search for it in EXTERNAL terms or forms - and that can only fail - whilst generating conflict of fear and guilt and reinforced rage or powerlessness in a sense of being denied.

It is hatred within that looks for love without - whereas a true self-acceptance allows a real sense of worth to both attract and extend to others.

It could be called the 'devil's job' to incite and define you in terms of hate and fear - and yours to not accept it by letting that run your mind or reactions. Manipulators who are themselves hate-driven seek to undermine and leverage you for their own reasons - and for the agenda behind whatever they think they are 'in control of'.

There is a wonderful shared quality to being truly undefended with another - of being truly moved in being together. Lies operate to get your Life-energy in order to run in place of your true life. Self-honouring acts cannot be hateful to others - nor pretend to be love and actually stop being hateful or loveless.

We can only ever be from where we currently are - as a point of growth or expansion to who we can more truly feel ourselves to be. There are so many 'distractions' offered to help you NOT get in touch with how you are actually feeling - and our feeling being is the core of our soxual communication. If role play is your thing together - that is a game you agree to play - but sox is lost from love to power struggle or identity assertion and 'stress release' - but only love is a true recognition of self in each other and the Life that moves you - as one in and yet uniquely expressed as.

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