Monday, 15 August 2016

Darkness of deceit and false witness

don’t mention Gladio… - an off-guardian article on false-flag terrorism.

My comment:

I hold there is a natural correspondence of co-creational synchronicity in shared purpose. Which may include conscious elements, including turning a blind eye to 'let things happen' or even take part in enabling them to occur through compartmentalised chain of plausible deniability- and of course opportunistically exploiting anything that occurs for a narrative control that can grow to 'run itself' once the story becomes accepted currency.

Thus many who act out are set up and run for other's agenda while believing their own.

If the 'darkness' of fear and division is the only condition in which deceit can operate - and by which hate as projected force of rage or terror and destruction can be "justified" - then all parties who believe they get something from darkness - or have something in darkness that they fear to lose, will defend it against the light of open and honest communication. Hence truth is the first casualty of war - because deceit must be presented, asserted and defended - often in complex patterns - so as to protect from an exposure in which one's own terror, rage, shame, or heartbreak is then out in the open - rather than running undercurrent to a pretence that has to be imposed and denied and defended.

In our times I see at once a complexity of 'reality control' available by nature of technical reach - and at the same time such a lack of ability or willingness to operate without a visible trail of mistakes or give-aways of impossibility or in-congruency. This itself could be seen as another layer of terrorism upon the mind's ability to trust its own basic logic and discernment so as to accept the terror narrative regardless of evidences to other narratives - and this is not just a momentary false flag ruse but ongoing mind-control.

From a perspective of awakening - everything serves the purpose that is given it - and so the acts of deceit operating a terror narrative reveal the nature of the ruse of mind control as it operates in our own consciousness. For the seeming separation from consciousness as a condition of fear and division, calling on a forcefully imposed narrative to assert and enforce control - is part of our own hidden but false foundation by which to engage in the struggle of power within and as separated sense of self. This could be  - and is called - the human condition, but it is really a conditioning.

We all know in at least some part of our life, the quality and capacity of life to flow and know itself as a presence or of balance within a sense of aligned or focused willingness. Our descriptions may use symbols differently - but the core recognition is unmistakeable - but then lost or covered over by the resumption of conditioned reactions - that become reinforced thereby.

We all have separation trauma and scripts arising or persisting there from - and are tending to be defended against anything that threatens such sense of self-separate sense of 'protection' and assertion of 'power' . But the fact is that these devices operate the very thing we say we don't want, and in more ways than we can recognize within our narrative identity, we meet our own reflections and hurt our self over and over, unknowing - although self-hatred does have a conscious trace  as does the desire to 'escape it' by turning it upon your world.

Self-hatred is where you can awaken to the perpetrator and victim both - yet kept divided and apart so as not to recognize or accept the true of you - but instead thoughts and feelings and physical manifestations of guilt, blame, judgement and hatred that rages and denies itself both. A fragmentation of consciousness in which identity is given to a false sense of self-assertive survival by which power is framed externally - or 'given away' to defined externalities that seek and find reinforcement. But the act of assigning power to something is not in fact the act of powerlessness - and more than the permission of an externality truly confers power. The power of the mind creates our experience of our self and world. If we attempt to exploit this deceitfully and coercively we meet an experience and world of deceit and coercion - and if terror is the device by which to believe we have and are such a power - then that is the god of our choosing - while we live out-from such a desire.

I see that we all participate in the world we 'create' for ourselves and collectively and I attempt to link to awakened insight and responsibility and not to an unbearable burden of intolerable hate and blame. Yet I hold such a burden is already active - but hidden - and its correction or undoing cannot occur while investing exclusively in hating and blaming the other - and warring to deny the hated and blamed. A willingness for communication rises from the utter futility of war - of any kind on any level - but note that standing in one's integrity is not itself struggle so much as focussing with a felt and true willingness. How to know if you are in or undermining your own integrity? True founded or deceived? If you truly desire to know, you will recognize and grow trust in your own discernments and reflected experience. Honesty of self is not a strategy so much as abandonment or relinquishment of self-serving strategies and masks in favour of feeling for a way of honouring communication - especially within the hateful or fearful triggers to reaction. If we simply allow ourself to be triggered by our hate and fear - then we give hate and fear the power to run our life and our world - even through the attempt to operate anti-hate and anti-fear. True choice is accepted within a recognition of an integrative movement of our being - and not a framing of choices in terms of feared or hated outcomes - all of which operate to deny any real choice.

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