Monday, 15 August 2016

Judging v Discernment

The Science of Why Humans Constantly Compare Themselves to Others
Waking Times

My comment:

Sometimes called the reptillian brain, this primitive layer of seeing everything exclusively in terms of threat or asset, to a sense of self-survival - is part of a consciousness device by which to maintain focus in the physical experience - but is not designed nor capable of the role of control and identity that it has been assigned and accepted as.

Separation trauma give rise to the fragmentation and fixity of the experience within density, contraction and conflict that is associated with Terra - and which tend to operate the denial of the subtler range of experience in persistence of our separation script.

When you have forgotten who and what you are - you are compelled to seek identity in forms of differentiation - principally away from what you fear to be or even fear that your being is in some sense invalid, unreal, threatened and without true place of acceptance and participation or belonging.
And so a fear based identity seeks power to survive and grow power against threat - but also to justify itself in 'loving' terms. Or at least in terms of an acceptability of validation and reinforcement.

The eyes can be used to extend blessing or worth that is then recognizable in some aspect of your world or relationship. They can also be used to gather data and indeed ammunition for the purpose of manipulation and control. The priority of focus is the key - for what belongs temporarily in a subconscious routine for the purpose of a protective response relative to sudden un-anticipated events - belongs only in such eventuality and not as replacement for the living quality of focus that is an active focus of desire and attention.

While consciousness has scripted its patterning in physical terms - the creative remains the level at which definitions are accepted, identified in and believed or validated by acting out. This conditioning has non physical and physical parts - but here in 'waking times' I feel to put a clear priority in the active purpose rather than pretend the power is in the 'persona' or the personification of a world seen through the lens of conflicted self - that reflects and reinforces such sense of self while believing itself objective or neutral.

The command and control mentality is evidenced in the scientific mindset but in the manner of a trojan or hidden agenda beneath or behind the worshipped narrative 'truths'. Narrative because until we wake up to the script that is running - we operate out from and in survival and persistence as and assertion of self - rather than a recognition , reception and extension of self. The assertion of identity becomes second nature as part of joining the human family and world - but then replaces and denies first nature - which is the desire and joy of recognition, discovery and sharing in existence, through the exploration and magnification of what we feel moved to bring focus and attention to.
Learning to fit a box ends up in a coffin if we do not also learn to re-frame in fresh perspectives that align with who we truly feel and know - are moved - to recognize ourselves in.
To merely adapt to run in programmed obedience and conformity to a framing dictate is not Hu Man. The willingness to operate a golem is the invitation to be used by those who want the power you are seeking to get rid of - because you believe that self-limitation is a protective mask - which has become a prohibiting identity. The body-brain is a limiting filtering device and has subtler levels of unfoldment and therefore transformative awakening from arbitrary or out-of-date- limitations.

Discernment is not outer comparison - but a checking of anything with the true of you so as to embrace all that is true and release or put behind all that is not you. That which is part of you but not part of your active willingness or purpose is not demonized or rejected - but simply not chosen now. When the trigger for hate is recognized as bait and not chosen now - and not chosen now - as a new habit of self-worth, then you are 'talking' to your subconscious in act and deed - which is the only language it accepts. Don't give power to an old pattern when it was the thought that set the act that then conditioned the pattern which then persisted until you changed your mind and acted from the recognition of worth or value revealed. Nor think that you can 'think' such patterns away and assert a freedom of self that you have not grounded in act.

If you notice you are comparing - look to what is running and check for whether you are coming from a self-honouring place. For if you are not - it cannot align a true honouring of others or of Life - and your reflection will reinforce a distortion of others and Life as part of 'surviving' in loveless terms.

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