Sunday, 14 August 2016

Watch out for hate-driven deceits

Acknowledging My Own Racism in the Era of Trump

My comment:

Self-hate, denied fears and denied denials manifest in all sorts of reflections.
That then reinforce themselves as a triggered 'identity'.

Our true identity is not really manufactured but arises within a relational experience.
But the masking persona asserts an identity made upon someone else's loss or in projection of lack or invalidity onto the Other. A loveless sense of such a self uses hate and fear objects to justify and validate itself - as if to protect and thus 'love' itself.

It also uses the hate and fear of owning up to hate and fear feelings and acts as a basis to make narratives of collective reinforcement for collective 'identity'.

If a description of a mechanism becomes a HATE term for personal agenda - such as 'racist' - then such an invested persona diverts and blocks further curiosity or illumination of what is actually operating in place of a recognition and acceptance.

The investment in persona and personified 'reality' is the apportioning and validating of BLAME - by which to invalidate Other and hide a sense of self righteous in the judge.

Humanity has a deep self-hatred that inevitably projects to reflect a hateful sense of existence - and the layers of self that are made to mask and cover this hatred are defended as if our very self. But they operate divisively and towards a fragmented and segregative sense of self.

When we meet that which we hate or have masked feelings of hate toward - we are in touch with aspects of self that are beneath or in some sense upstream of the persona.

The attempt to eradicate or overcome hated or feared 'evil' in oneself is the very means to fix it and keep it as  the unconscious lens through which to seek a PERSONAL validation.

Jesus warned against this - but once self righteous blame is invited in and used as 'power' - a reversal operates in consciousness that defends itself against exposure - in your name.

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