Monday, 15 August 2016

Active Purpose

What Does the EU Stand for: Globalization or Universalism?
by William Hawes, Global Research

My Comment:

Conflicting narratives as to what what something is, are ways of obscuring what it is being used for.

No matter what the 'FORM' suggests or is associated with being - its use or purpose is the determining factor of what it is as a 'communication'.

A predatory intent may operate through 'Trojan' ploy' - where ideas or forms of a seeming 'good' or seeming protection from a believed 'bad' - seduce the unwary or indeed bolster and reinforce the desire to operate a private predatory power agenda over others - or indeed upon one's own consciousness.

Discerning true from false depends on first accepting a self-honesty as to the purpose that is active in our own thought, word and deed - rather than persist a controlled narrative by which to both hide from and hide in - a false sense of self. A sense of self that is inherently conflicted and demanding of deceit and coercion as its 'survival'.

Joining in free willingness for what we truly value arises from the recognition-release of the false. When one is no longer bound up in false narrative assertions, the felt quality of Life restores an innate sense of purpose and alignment in joy - following and growing in what truly resonates with who you - at heart, or honestly, feel yourself to be, by acting on it in whatever ways are available.

We each and all establish currency by acceptance and extension of value, and we create culture by embodying such value in act. Living out-from a negative sense of worth can ONLY operate an undermining and self-denying outcome regardless the positive spin of attempting to generate or assert a positive face over a feared or hated sense of self. life and other.

A true positive is an integrative movement of being that arises naturally from felt unconditional acceptance and opens perspective rather than framing and asserting a narrative in terms of fear and loss.

Global communication is serving and being subverted by the attempt to dominate, control and deny. We easily 'see' this motive in others - and in this context in 'globalist' cartels, but are slow to recognize it in our self - not least because a blame and guilt reaction operates to prevent a simple curiosity from uncovering a nonsense to recognize and release identification and allegiance in.

Watching and growing responsibility unto our own experience for what we think, feel, think or perceive, say and do is not and EXTRA burden of activity - but the natural result of releasing a false investment in death and taxes - for the fear of death or loss is extremely taxing on our capacity to receive and embody Life - as a felt quality of aware existence - rather than a narrative matrix of self-protective power.

If we come from an unexamined 'life' we may well run as conditioned reaction in which love lost, abandoned, rejected or betrayed becomes a hateful sense of self, life and others, but masked in forms that seek validation or vengeance as if to regain what is lost by our own power... and by sowing division and doubt in the minds of others as to their power.
If this is what you accept or choose as the purpose of your life then you recognize powerlessness is driving you and not power. True power does not need to use coercion and deceit, nor  can it 'communicate' in such terms - though a desire to deceive or assert the untrue, will experience Life as rejecting and un-supportive, and seek to assert itself to overcome the sense of opposition and self doubt or division it reflects.

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