Tuesday, 12 July 2016

uNclear armageddon and waking up

What will it take to awaken us to the “impending danger”?

My contribution to the ideas in the above article:

Whatever 'faces' are masking and framing the situation of Life on Earth - it is a blind hatred of Life on Earth that runs the minds of those who align within its framing. It is always framed against and justifies itself upon war with the hated.
It is hate - masking in self righteous persona.
Recognizing the hatred in your own heart is the only opportunity I can see for a reversal or turning around of what is already laid down through millennia as the great reversal in Consciousness by which a false foundation usurps and denies the true.
Regardless what seems to be going on - each has the innate capacity to notice the purpose they are aligning in and getting identity from. Free will is the fundamental nature of Life - and meeting its denial is the ability to recognize and choose to align rather than being a blind mechanism. Or indeed to accept the un-consciousness of blind mechanism so as to deny and eradicate the hatefulness of what Life is to the self-specialness of a static fantasy. Life is an expansion of perspective through a transformational recognition of self in 'other' and in 'world'- and it doesn't have much of a communication channel through the thinking that arose from the hatred and denial of the Life that hides its outsourcing of hate upon the other and upon its world - in order to then play Good Cop.

There is one key element within all these issues of degradation and misery to Life on Earth and that is - for me - my responsibility of self-honesty and trust as to where I truly am coming from - because in modern terms - the mind is hacked and you cannot operate from it as if its currency is gold-based. Lies shift and change to seem at least less evil than what the mind frames as the alternative.

It is my conviction and experience that being uncovered or exposed of a hate foundation - spontaneously awakens recognition of it from a true foundation - which is the spontaneous uncovering of true or integrative purpose.
Maybe you don't have to forsake your treasured self-specialness yet - perhaps death offers a reset to un-consciousness as the hiding place of a refusal to live on any terms but your own? Just because acceptance opens true joy and a false sense of choice brings pain - doesn't mean pain cannot be masked in rage as power and directed so as not to feel anything but victory in vengeance.

The disturbing nature of the underpinnings of the human personality construct are naturally protected from the developing consciousness - but in the breaking out of those same disturbances in consciousness of our world - they are part of our responsibility as to how to relate to, balance and re-integrate. That we are deeply disturbed is an honesty. What we use that for or do with it - may be a reinforcement of the thing we say we don't want. We may want to do anything to make it go away and that is an honesty of noticing an urge we don't have to react from.

When the unfeeling psychopath opens terror in a sense of personal power and validation, the feeling being is dumped with it - fragmented and denied existence by it. But somewhere in hate is the sense of having been denied and rejected that then compulsively does as it was done by with some core sense of wanting the pain to be felt by the perpetrator - who can project onto and be 'seen' in anything or indeed everything

The unseen role of denial in our mind and our world is key to our misdirected efforts at controlling the symptoms. That we feel hate needs acceptance and a way of working through without triggering violence and harm. The denying that we feel hate gives it power to operate in secret - in the dark. We know not what we do while we believe the mind of denial is our whole mind. And we are each and together participating in our definitions, experience and reactions or responses - within a larger creation that such a focus in self - neglects to truly apprehend.

If you love Life on Earth - act like it in all you do in whatever ways your imagination and enlivening joy unfold as the living of life. If you are actually in love with a reflected sense of self-image - check out - and see what it costs. A true accounting has to take Everything into account and assess correct priority. Despite the drama - the real call I feel is the call to re-establish a core sanity that reaction does not allow. Are you conditioned reaction running someone else's agenda?

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