Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The deconstruction of a jealous god

Flat Earth PSYOP: CIA Black Op Designed to Destroy the Truth …  There is an insidious conspiracy at work throughout the entire Internet which seeks to destroy Truth Movements everywhere.  One of its organs of mischief is known as the Flat Earth Society (FES) and its explicit purpose is to take down every single truth-oriented website, blog and/or organization which permits an open comment section at the bottom of their posts and articles.  – The Millennium Report
Something terrible has happened.

The “common wisdom” that people grew up with is fading rapidly.
It’s not comfortable or soothing. It’s upsetting and unsettling.
It makes people unhappy. And it’s causing big arguments in the alternative media as well – as we can see from the above flat earth excerpt.
There are some in the alternative media community that have adopted the idea of a “flat earth” enthusiastically.
But others believe it is a CIA psyop designed to discredit people who don’t believe what government affiliated entities tell them anymore.
This is the result of the Internet. The “dominant social themes” we’ve grown up with are in flux.
And this process will continue....
Full article at The Daily Bell

The 'inheritance of a mind made in the image of 'jealous god' means that what is kept is the Only and Exclusive while anything else is invalidated or demonized and heartlessly denied.

I don't disagree with the points mde by the article so much as expand to include them - but not in alignment with what I might call heartless 'science' - which is not as innocent of hidden agenda as it may like to believe.

Disinformation can be a ploy - or a passing on of false currency - which can also be propagated or set up as a ploy or 'meme'. This of course begins with our persona or masking identity that passes off as our presence when it is obviously a part of a collective agreement to deny or suppress awareness of presence. Some our masking operates 'authority, gravity, seriousness and credibility' in the regard of others.

Discerning communication amidst the 'noise' is a willingness not to focus in the noise that masks the signal - if we so allow. So even though disinfo bombs are being mixed in with
information relevant to awakening from controlled narratives - they will still serve the purpose that the reader holds - regardless the propagator's intent.

Scientism operates a corruption of science - which has its own Trojan Horse blindness, and institutional (and personal) ego. Though a harnessed technologism seems to have replaced enquiry into the already true - so as to gain personal credit and indeed patents - for 'discovery and invention of application, this too is part of the results, and valuable feedback to a true appreciation.

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