Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Fear-framed 'choices'

Clinton and Trump, Fear and Fascism
by Richard Moser, via Counterpunch

My Contribution:

All choices have consequences. The adage 'as ye reap so shall ye sow' is - I believe NOT a time concept - though delay and obfuscation can expand to an epoch at the end of which one arrives at one's starting place and knows it for the first time.

The nature of consciousness is what mind 'does' : extension and reflection through thought as the experiencing of existence.

If false thinking is accepted as true then false results generate the reinforcement and validation of the false - as if it is true and truth is false. Look therefore to 'where you are coming from'. A love of self in concept or image can only hate what does not support it and this 'war' is the fruit of identifying in reaction against such a sense of evil or exposure to invalidity.

And the consequence of war operates the 'mind' of divide and rule in which truth or indeed self-honesty is the first and necessary casualty.

I would offer this refinement to the above: Fear can be your friend and ally - because it can illuminate what you are not to reveal who you are. It can reveal false beliefs and associations so as to allow a truly present discernment and navigation of the situation you are participating in.

UN-owned or denied fear is a back-door via which that which is NOT true of you works through you against your own desire and fulfilment - as a kind of thinking that  runs as reaction.

Anyone who is attracted to manipulation and domination as the way to validate their 'self concept' learns how to spot or cultivate the weaknesses in others through the disguise within what they want to be true - or not true - for themself.

If you 'get' this you must realise that you NEED to own your fears - and other denied feelings - so as to wake out of the wishful dream that others feed upon at your expense. But even more than that - you cannot and will not accept such responsibility if your identity is dependent upon manipulating and feeding off of others.

What goes around - comes around. If it comes around - feel honestly into it because what is yours is yours and recycling it as hate and blame sets you up to suffer. Truly owned choice can be changed for a more truly aligned one - and consequently more aligned experience and relationship of being You.
If you sniff this writing - it is not guilting you with moral invalidation nor seducing you with self-specialness.

Before a choice can be made or accepted, one has to be aware of what it is between - and a false framing of unreal choices operates to make sure that you do not choose to recognize and be free of false framing.

In a sense whatever you choose from a true sense of your integrity expresses and embodies that integrity for all - because true presence does not inflate itself upon the invalidation or diminishing of others - even if they are making poor choices; choices by which they impoverish themselves.
Fear and blame cultures operate to deny presence in which communication is natural. Fearing and blaming such impositions is more of the same.

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