Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Post Brexit moments #1

Sterling’s down, sales are falling, shoppers anxious: gloom gathers over the UK economy 
the low pound means foreign companies will look more favourably at investing in the UK and if Osborne follows through on his proposed reduction in Corporation Tax, this country will become a very attractive place for foreign companies to set up shop.

My Comment to the above:

The scaremongering stick and the fake carrot were not just brought out for Brexit - but they have been significantly disregarded by many. If you start to see the narrative control that mainstream media operate - you will read them with a different set of eyes... if you read them at all.

It remains that very many ARE conditioned to react as triggered and so the hyping of the psychological operation into a actual outcome favoured by this or that corporate cartel interest is almost stage managed theatre. Follow Foxy Loxy if you want - but the real Owlsy Wowsy is not on the other side of the river - but is your inner discernment - and you don't need a phd in mind manipulation techniques to smell a rat and withhold allegiance and support - while remaining open for more clarity.
ANY direction taken is only as positive as our wholly embracing it for its positive opportunities. Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy - but denied fears no less - so owning the fears is part of finding greater and truer resolve.
Bankers and corporate cartels manipulate us all and have done for a very long time. It is the Law that needs restitution. And I mean restoring to a servant of the Whole and not a technocratic instrument of manipulation and deceit posing as benign collectivism.
And why we are at it lets restore a truly free Press - by our support for true witness wherever we find it.

But alas whoring ourselves to transnational corporates invites a slave economy where workers pay all the tax burden and companies get special inducements to come and then suck wealth and assets out of the country in the trickle up evaporation of absolutely insane debt - for the richer the company - the more debt they 'manage' as a low of leverage and influence.

Biodiversity is  a key to health. The microbiome is foundational to our human health. The soil is killed with toxins and starved of nutrients while monocultured crops are artificially fed. Transfer this recognition to society - and reground yourself in a participance of endeavour and relationship rather than a managed and pharmed set of conditioned reactions. One cant think sanely from an insane foundation. So look to free your thinking - or free yourself of conditioned reaction that passes as thinking. What does the drip drip poison media feed us but the undermining of worth - and then sells its narrative as the framework to think in. No thanks.

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