Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Splitting by PR ism

Now Media Celebrates Sanders’ Financial and Historical Illiteracy

    Sanders’ victory: How Bernie ended the Cold War in 2016 … Sanders’ dark horse candidacy stripped socialism of its fringe labels and, culturally speaking, ended the Cold War – Salon
Now that Bernie Sanders is becoming a Hillary backer, the mainstream media is celebrating him.

My contribution:

Exceptionalism operating as corporately faced 'individualism' subverts and bankrolls politicians into overspending so as to capture and gain key influence. It also combines this with a phony collectivism that sacrifices the individuality of the many to limit the effects of artificially induced scarcities and indeed to blame and tax them for it.

However the socialism or indeed anarchism that operation gladeo was targeted to undermine was that of a tangible grass root solidarity that was felt threatening to the ruling establishment of power cartels.

There is a context for the underdogs to unite in finding a voice and some share in decisionmaking - and there is the denial, subversion and corruption of such movements - including that of a technocratically masked corporatism running a socialist face in terms of a controlled economy and society.

The issue is the controlled humanity - and the attempts to counter that come back as more sophisticated masks of social engineering and mind control.
The nice ideas of free market individualism have been used extremely destructively as justification for destructo 'capitalism' or 'soft power' that is no less destructive than hard weaponry.

So whatever the form - I look to the active purpose and contextual meaning.
Identifying in a form of something without its true context is to hold onto a hollow life that trojan intent wastes no time in setting to purpose unlike to its original inspiration.

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In reply to:

I don't identify in 'socialist' but nor do I join in using the same term for these mutating corruptions of the original movement. Psyops would be  more apt. But to fall for the bait of psyops is to hate the and empower and protect a false sense of identity gotten from such self righteous hate.

I don't identify in 'communist' but nor do I pretend that any movement of solidarity a sense of worth lived and shared - is allowed to give birth - but is aborted or co-opted - as was the Western bankrolled Bolshevik 'revolution'.

I could write a paragraph for any other ism that has conceptualized and rigidified as a conformity in place of lived and felt sense of worth reaching for its right place of acceptance and participation.

The nature of the deceit is subtle whereby we often cannot discern or articulate its operation - as part of it operates through our sense of identity.

I feel it interesting to note how 'communist terror threat - and reds under the beds and the enemy within, operated such a mind-gelding job on the US American psyche. For something natural and necessary to persona. family and community life was ripped out to be replaced with a love of the auto - in more ways than one.

Autonomous or automaton? Depends which side of the matrix one sees from. Neither relate to Life lived and shared - though of course a dream of success operates its carrot and stick, and a dream of power finds a network of ...shifting alliances amidst hierarchies of obedience.

I saw a headline on G-news that used the term 'post truth politics' (as if applying to the object of its hate rather than revealing its own mentality.
One can say politics has always been coercion and deceit and the elite power class are simply free of scruple and therefore more honest. But there is a movement in the human heart to find ways that work for both the individual and the family, group, tribe, society, planet - through a process of communication - despite and because of the blind hate and fear driven power struggle - for if one has eyes to recognize self in the other - and world - one simply doesn't embody such hatred or outsource such pain and misery.

Politics - or any other shared endeavour - operating through and as an integrity of communication - remains both impossible and necessary for retaining the capacity to feel and know and communicate... to maintain creative faculty. As long as the chain reaction loops and fragments itself - does a golem align to its programming.

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In reply to:

"The author, John Mackey – associate chair of the Social Sciences
Division in the College of General Studies at Boston University –
believes the Cold War made a discussion of democratic socialism

It was falsely equated with communism, he writes, and thus, as well, with the Gulag."

"He writes." Up in Oregon, a baker was put out of business when they practiced their religious right. In New York City, businesses are threatened with a $250,000 fine if they don't refer to someone as whatever flavor of gender ID they self identify with. Sounds as if the gulag won't be far behind in democratic socialist New York City.

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In reply to:

The people suffer - but can be medicated or manipulated to justify their suffering and even to self-inflict it.

Perhaps those who suffer most are those who step out of line with US.
official narrative associates their suffering with their sins, and
portray rage driven hate of a 'jealous god' as 'regime change' and
reconstruction within a free to develop now that we have lobotomized and
indentured the people of any capacity to develop in any way but US

For a time the US American people were useful - so they
were raised fit for purpose. But things have moved on and they are being
'farmed' for sickness and war. Assets are for sucking out - its a dream
that thrives on other people's suffering - for the few - while they
still have a use...

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In reply to:

if you conform within the technocracy - you don't invite penalty - but have the cost to your true life managed with pharmaceuticals.
If you see only the 'face' of what purports to be socialism - you don't see what is moving behind it.
Technocracy itself is another face of "scientific" credibility masking an active denial of free and felt willingness under the dictate of a masked form of financial and corporate terrorism - though mostly, the mask doesn't have to come off once the self-censoring 'freedoms' and 'rights' are established.

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In reply to:

How would you 'uncapture' the captured regulators that distort the law to operate as protection of cartel monopoly and weapon against freedom to live human lives?
Are there stepping stones in your approach - or is there one perfect solution all at once?
If your vote could keep corporately driven hegemony in check - would it mean more than a vote for a corrupt system that makes no difference.
I'm not saying Sanders or Trump represent such a vote - but they both break the mould of the two party scam as it has been operating.

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