Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Intimate Illumination

Life in a Modern-day Debt Colony: The Truth about Greece
by Michael Nevradakis

In May, likely for the first time in the post-war history of the Western world, a national parliament willingly ceded what remained of its country’s sovereignty, essentially voting itself obsolete.  This development, however, did not make headlines in the global news cycle and was also ignored by most of the purportedly “leftist” media.
The country in question is Greece, where a 7,500-page omnibus bill was just passed, without any parliamentary debate, transferring control over all of the country’s public assets to a fund controlled by the European Stability Mechanism, for the next 99 years.  This includes all public infrastructure, harbors, airports, public beaches, and natural resources, all passed to the control of the ESM, a non-democratic, supranational body which answers to no parliamentary or elected body.  Within this same bill, the “Greek” parliament also rendered itself voteless... (full article linked above)

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headrush69 commented:

Wow! Will the elitist guardian readers acknowledge this report I wonder? Will they even get to read it? This is what awaits all the peoples of the EU, maybe not tomorrow but definitely during the first half of this century.

Richard Le Sarcophage responded:

By 2050 the ecological collapse, caused by the same Rightwing psychopaths as are inflicting neo-feudalism on humanity, will have ended all human misery-for good.

My response to Richard's comment:

Curiously this reads as a death wish  which is just another version of psycho-pathy  is it not?
So many humans have been induced to a hatred of humanity instead of addressing the currency of human thinking  much of which is hateful  though framed or presented so as to seem correct right or kind and helpful.
Our forebears had a term deceiver for thinking that operated an anti-life  but the deceiver shuffles everything around when you are not paying attention and so can pass of its thinking as if it were your own.
I dont think left or right has any relevance to psychopathy. A masked hate that believes its self is justified in adopting opportune guises to get what it wants regardless of cost to objects of discardability in callous indifference to their pain.

Richard Le Sarcophage answers:

What I stated is a bitter TRUTH, one that I abhor. And to read it as a wish, is simply incorrect, and possibly just pathopsychological projection. But then again, now you could say that of this comment.

I was not intending blame  but reflection.
The sweet truth is that ideas do not have to be accepted that are not true  even if the mind demands and insists ITS judgement is FINAL!
Heartbreaking experience can set the mind in cynical bitterness, or it can break the grip of mind that was substituting for true feeling while denying conscious access to it. This mind acts as a distortion filter, interpreting exclusively in support of a splitting off or capacity to NOT know what thus becomes rejected or denied and unrecognized self. One might say our world experience is cast in and reflecting such unrecognized denials whilst a surface identity engages in power struggle. beneath the displacement attempt is an inner struggle.

I have a real sense of what life can be,  and is being,  as and when allowed to flower,  and I also have a sense of the patterns of conflict that subvert, suppress and deny and honesty of being. Initially I experience these in terms of guilt or blame and of course fear and anger  but if I let my experience stop there  the blame only reinforces the patterns without revealing them as choices in which I participate  and therefore can change for different choices  embodying a current sense of life in me than the inherited conditioning  that may not serve me now so much as keep me in a re-enactment of a past made in anger.

Within the framework of the human conditioning  I see no real Life being lived and shared and only a struggle that uses up and lays waste  and this is easy to see. The ing on the end of condition is critical to my point  for the conditioned live their trained association-response as if it is their hard wired reality and cannot think or imagine beyond it. But we can pause from reactive blame and righteous hate long enough to allow a greater perspective to rise of itself BECAUSE we are not setting up an exclusion zone by focusing only in a fixed and exclusive sense of self.

Recognizing the prison is part of accepting freedom  so as I say it  we have to be willing to go INTO the territory of self that we spent our life evading as our prime directive  but within a different context than the thinking and purpose of evasion  which of course feels like survival (and prevailing) of a segregative part of ourself over and against a fear of loss of self.

This pattern plays out in Large and we all carry it. If what I say has true resonance and relevance to opening a fresh perspective on a very old and deeply imprinted conditioning, then the Final Judgement of who and what we in fact are  must wait on a more intimate illumination.

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