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The operating identity and the role of evil?

Life in a Modern-day Debt Colony: The Truth about Greece

The above article and many comments into it, are illumination what the official 'narrative' hides.

I write towards illuminating what I see as the 'operating identity' at work beneath such events - beneath the personalities or corporate facades.

 Identifying in fear, hatred and the denial or hiding of it – is being negatively identified. Our denied ‘unconscious’ and ‘subconscious’ is active as a kind of fear and rage based shadow power while a surface mentality believes it is – or seeks to be – in ‘control’ and obliged to maintain order against all kinds of violations and encroachments upon its sense of self and world – without any recognition of its own participation in its own experience.

This article on psychology of refusal to look threats to the model of reality or identity, offers a similar view but written in perhaps more accessible terms to analysis – although still feeding the idea of evil others and the seed of self-righteous blindness – and it is this reaction that operates the way the hate propagates itself.

A surface identity or persona is already grown as a strategy of survival amidst overwhelming pain or conflicted experience. It divides off from what it hates or fears and seeks a sense of control and order amidst a sense of threat that must be mitigated, allayed by ‘psychological defences’. Within the ‘matrix’ of such artificial redefining and filtering of our focus within self-limitation, is an ‘externalized’ world of displacement that seems to put the cause of pained conflict outside to ‘save’ a fragment or partial consciousness within the persistence of the idea of denying and evading – or overcoming and eradicating a core trauma that is so upstream to all else we think or experience that it seems the god or the self or the reality to which we align with or manipulate so as to survive in terms of pervasive threat or indeed terror. And we all have different exposure to this and generally escape it by the fastest possible route because it feels unbearable or opens the unthinkable. One way of ‘escape’ is to hate anything that is associated with bringing on such a sense of violation – and direct the energy of such fear and hate as an armoured weapon against the scapegoat – so as to allow no other communication or perspective to weaken one’s power or defence against the ‘hateful’. Such hate driven identity may be called psychopathic – but it may also be temporarily active within many of us by specific conditions that trigger such denied conditioning to move without inhibition as rage driven violence.

The breaking of the matrix-reality by its exposure is no less an identity crisis or rather the exposure of the device by which self-illusion is invested with belief as exclusively true. No one still identifying in self-illusion willingly opens to their underlying patterns of denial but life experience reflects opportunity for such insight over and over because the reintegrative movement of being operates automatically to restore balance within wholeness subject to willingness to recognize and align.

Denial operated in its time as a way to hold a focus within conflicted self-experience so as to survive within the framework of such experience. But it also operates a fear-fulfilling prophecy where all that is denied ‘comes home to roost’ – because we don’t actually get rid of sin or dissonance by hating and killing the ‘Other’. It is a magic or illusion-belief that defines self against and therefore separate from the ‘Other’. The fact is that hatred is not truly escaped for it now operates outside – as if trying to get in and from beneath – attempting to come up.

The mind (as we generally conceive it) is unable to operate the ‘control’ or discernment of true from false and this recognition allows the pause of the mind in willingness of the heart. Not the broken heart of a secret or fragmented sense of self. A quality of being that recognizes itself where all the thinking had attempted to manufacture itself.

Opening a felt relationship with denied or feared and hated ‘self’ (rather than being defined against it) is the awakening and growing of compassion. Opening to an ‘Encompassing Perspective’ that supports or guides a balance point within awareness whereby a quality of true relationship is operating within the unfolding moment as the right relational focus and appreciation to that unique event – rather than subconscious routines of a conditioned programming that once served a need but no longer represents the true of who you are feeling, knowing or simply preferring yourself to be.

What belongs to us can only come home – but what has no belonging in us can fall off unused. The old identification operates a reversal. The shift of perception and perspective that inner willingness and honesty opens is very quickly ‘lost’ or covered by the resumption of the old habit. But the sense of true worth and joy in being that even a glimpse affords, is a basis on which to reset purpose and direction anew – and anew – no matter what the form of the loss of focus – so as to grow a new habit of consciousness that lives a sense of connectedness within rather than as evasion of conflict in mutual reinforcements of diversion and distraction.

Few want truth of being – although the desire may be latent within them. Many want protection from their fears and power to make such symptoms go away. It is no accident that we co-create society as we have – but it has largely been blind outcomes of ancient conditionings – operating in our Name.

Power operating within the world addresses symptoms – often to multiply them in more subtle disguise – and rarely looks for cause – because honesty reveals a natural and necessary transformation that seems loss of power and loss of self. But if you feel into this paragraph it may dawn on you that what we accept as power, costs us true power and locks us in a static concept of self that cannot flow with or evolve through its own experience. In modern terms; an evolutionary dead end. Perhaps disguising its utter defeat in pyrrhic victory.

Our existence can be felt hateful, meaningless, worthless and endurable only within secret dreams of vengeance, power and self specialness. I sense that our collective dreaming powers the things we say we hate and want to change for a better world. But I don’t say that to a propensity to pile on more blame – but to a willingness of self-responsibility.
I cannot live anyone else’s life – being already full-on as my own. But what I meet has resonance within me and this I accept as my own ‘garden’ to tend. meanwhile I confess my actual garden runs rather wild because writing in willingness for a greater perspective out from which to make more conscious choices is where I meet ‘the world’ in a sense of shared worth.

Do even the blindly hateful among us serve a role in a greater awakening than our current thinking can imagine? I believe so – and yet I appreciate that feelings have to find ways of evolving that do not simply propagate hate in ‘socially acceptable forms’ to thus feed and seed a blind arrogance in self-righteous compulsion.

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