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What is Sovereignty?

What is Sovereignty?

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What is Sovereignty?

The idea of sovereignty or free will, like any other idea, can be corrupted. Something else is being passed off as if it is freedom - and by that is true freedom lost - or rather covered over from a conscious recognition, appreciation and sharing in.

Identity defined 'in a body' or even equating self with body, and mind with brain, is a defined sense of self arising from conditioning - like a mask or spacesuit or interface by which engage in the human experience of the world as we tend to give 'Reality' to - in forgetfulness of the underlying focus in desire, meaning, image and idea, by which we 'make sense' of existence - of Fact of our Existence - AS a world - from which we then make or infer a self.

The freedom to desire and imagine - focusing within and through the ideas that resonate with recognition of the meaning we both have and are - and being moved as that consciousness of appreciation - rises from a depth of which the consciousness is an extension and vehicle of - and yet one with.

Nothing can limit imagination and desire excepting the meanings accepted and invested in as true of You - that are no longer your true desire or held true service for you in the past but are not serving who you feel and know yourself to be - now.

Self-concept - or a the association of concepts that comprise self-image - is a model. An inner creation drawn and woven out from a Whole Cloth through which to uniquely experience facets of a Totality that can only be experienced through some degree of differentiation within it - but never really apart from it.

Confusion of self, identity and expression, with the framework of self image, then operates as if from an exclusive sense of segregated self and experiences the reflected denials inherent in defending and maintaining its 'self' as experience of being denied, threatened and attacked - and ascribes the sense of disconnection and loss that is inherent to an exclusive identification - with this sense of denying, limiting, threatening or opposing 'otherness'.

In place of freedom to accept and live the truly felt movement of being - is now an imperative for survival in set terms that struggle and further reinforce the terms - so as to solidify a rigidity with all the emotional force of survival need believed - and lived out within a local or exclusive assertion of self and reality - as if this is free will - upon a deeper movement of being of which it is not only unaware of - but redefines as threat or asset to exploit.

The idea of sovereignty is rightly belonging not to power that 'lords it over' - but to the power that holds all things aligned in true balance. And as may be implicitly recognized in this reading by now - the sense and fear of losing balance leads to a coercive attempt to impose it - with sets action and reaction upon a false foundation of control against and over perceived threat - fragmenting under the worship of power unto itself as Meaning.

Nothing in this world can convince you, the truth of which you are unwilling to learn, though pain of meaninglessness may call to re-evaluate what is held true. This is your free will - for only from you comes your own acceptance of the true of you. In articulating this I have to acknowledge two parts - because the belief in the split operates the mind that thinks in discrete linear concept. The parental aspect of you needs to listen to and feelingly accept that which has been denied - for only in revisiting the feeling will a fresh take heal a mis-take. And the child fragment needs to embody, or give movement and expression to the denied feeling and thought - within a willingness FOR acceptance and healing - instead of reacting as the trigger finger to the baiting of heartbreak, rage or terror, of an ongoing oppression that disallows or demonizes and fears, the movement of being that is being pushed down or subverted and neutered within conformed dictate.

Because of the nature of pain, fear, hate and reaction, these can and do simply feed the same that operates the role of coercion - unless there is a deeper recognition and acceptance of the call that is within the behaviour and willingness to genuinely respond. Or - the negative or unacceptable expression has found acceptance and transformation in conditions away from triggering harm - so as to grow the capacity to bring communication of the denied self in a form more open to recognition and less liable to trigger being attacked or denied. Of course both these aspects work together - for you are not split by belief apart from believing it so. But the sketch I invite considering here is necessarily a tiny  facet of a much richer communication of being than our physically conformed mind allows - for the nature of Existence may project or embody through the prism of time and space but is not defined or limited thereby - excepting again through the proviso of the freedom to define and accept core ground-rules by which to explore freedom to experience within structures that enable and bring forth.

Just as with natural environments, there are cycles of change within the underlying matrix of meanings - that meanings can no longer 'survive' in without being renewed from Source so as to embody a current expression of being - freely accepted.

While in principle one is free to persist in the meaningless if one gives it the power of acceptance and belief - such freedom operates against the core purpose of extending and sharing meaning, worth or value recognized - as a freedom to refuse the current and use it as a means to support a static and unyielding concept of self.

Perhaps there is a mixed harvest of those who come to freely yield a false sense of control to an inner recognition of true balance within wholeness - and those whose self sense asserts freedom in defiance, opposition and revenge - righteously but blindly asserting as rage and terror both - for attack without a body cannot be but a relational breakdown of communication - translating and embodying into fixity of form. As conditioning generates conditions that then reinforce and complexify and mask 'mapped out denials'.

The forms of denial are so fragmented and multi-layered and imprinted as part of our identity - that there is no way to mind-map it all out and re-find our way - for the urge to map, define and control is already largely operating from and for self-concept  - particularly when invested in as an identity over and against false.

The quantum idea of collapsing the Infinite to a specific comes to mind. Do we feel out the pathways that truly align a truly felt desire - or allow a layer of subconscious and seemingly 'autonomous' thinking to condition and effectively control our unfolding of perspective?

Allow that any form and any thing can be used for self-deceit - or for the honest and open appreciation of who you are - which of course includes an honesty relative to all kinds of psychological defences that were inherited or needed as part of your personality and character development. Only feeling our way - in the currency of the moment and movement of being - will reveal and discern what we need to know or do in its right timing. The idea of manually living is absurd - no matter how complex the robot or system that rises to substitute for communication and relationship. The true nature of feeling, is richer in living and creative information than any conceptual overlay. Nothing within us need be invalidated or demonised when finding its right place. Priority is not coercive upon us - but when what is first is accepted first - all else finds its place relative to true.

Until an acceptance of unconditional love releases us of self-hatred and self-denial - we cannot but go forth and multiply the hate in the name of love - as self-righteous attempt to survive in our own terms - at cost of out-sourcing un-recognized and un-owned pain and hate onto others - and our world.

The idea of self has to become open to a greater communication - and the idea of group or nation or corporation has to embody such alignment. The history of nations and the modern history of corporations is an extension of the structure of coercive power that operates war beneath a masking narrative for unity, diplomacy and representation.

The true nature of globalisation is global awakening - and not a corporately enacted dominion by an elitism that owns and pulls all the strings whereby to control the narrative and enforce or en-trance conformity to its agenda and image.

At least - such is the willingness of acceptance from which I meet the world and through which I am met. But unlike the measure of power in the world - all power is in shared witness to the true - no matter how seemingly insignificant the form it takes. And of course we cant get our heads around that but that is why it is called Under standing.

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