Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Weapononizing Identity politics

Increasingly, Soros Is Seen Behind the Break-Up of Europe

(George) Soros is associated with using identity politics as a masking device of destabilisation and all politics is some form of identity struggle unless it embodies an integrity of willingness and communication. Power mongers can say "where is the evidence for such integrity?" - and feel not only justified but honest in using power to deal with a dis-honest and irrational sense of being checked by hollow moral scruples or manipulative emotional feelings. "If people want make-believe then give it to them within a matrix of medicated and emasculated serfdom that they sleepwalk in as if it is real life - but only the elect are real while collateral forms operate only with the mind we give them...".

Being able to read the situation with a high degree of success doesn't make one the cause - but investing in the movements that can in a sense then be weaponised to operate other agenda than their members are aware of - is 'normal' for using wealth and influence to promote a power identity's politics. However, Soros has no intention of opening his boundaries but only of undermining anything that checks against or blocks the freedom to make and maintain a world in his image or concept.

The 'self' is obsolete. And yet the counterfeit operates like a placeholder in which a mesmeric alignment with the imprint of a false self-specialness and fear of loss joins a sense of powerlessness, unworthiness and inability to recognize its own predicament. Others can invest in using a false sense of self as a masking for their agenda - but we have to be first already engaged in such identity as if it is our power and protection.

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