Friday, 15 July 2016

Freedom from the ground up

Chilcot Report and the delusions of Western democracy
There are no liberal democracies anywhere in the world except in the imaginative geography that calls itself the West.

I appreciate the above article as inviting a willingness for true foundations from which to live, rather than f reaction in revenge - even when the example being set invites the same principle to be enacted in its face.

There are underlying conditionings and imprinting of terror in our human personality structure that may be more or less denied and covered by self-illusion seeking validation and reinforcement and there is thus a 'power struggle' that then uses awareness of such conditionings arising from the trauma of separation as leverage of manipulation. Those who succumb to the lure of such power cannot see the deceit and coercive manipulation of fear - and indeed rage - that works their 'mind' just as they presume to work others.

If the purpose that is running in the name of our thought, our mind or self, or collective identity - is not open to question, observation and revision then a past imprint has set a lack of true vision in which separation trauma re-enact - and an expanding embracing perspective of  truly living and therefore truly human relationship.

To operate under the name but against the nature of what we on surface present must become an alert to uncovering more of what is in fact believed beneath the presentation of 'acceptability', instead of being legislated against and penalized by blame driven hatred - no matter how self-righteous such hatred seems to be. I am suggesting an inner honesty and congruency of being as the founding point of any idea of self, of freedom lost  or threatened and therefore to be regained or defended, or freedom uncovered already present but disregarded amidst the call to war.

Ultimately - or truly - it is our self-definitions relative to each or any relational situation that predetermine the range and nature of our experience of freedom within which to interpret and respond or react. But act and consequence must be linked towards the potential of a healing correction in the re-alignment of our self within a recognized sense of worth - that naturally extends to recognize itself in the other - and in our world. Authoritarian regimes attempt to enforce our 'will' to conformity for our own good - but are they the leading of the blind by the blind? Is success of such a model a machine - whether of traditional or hi-tech extensions of enforcement? And the power to wield such machinery corrupting by nature? Liberal regimes attempted tolerance in diversity but without a grounding sense of worth and the underlying deceits that operate against true worth in attempts to cover over a sense of lack of worth - and so have been corruptible by illusions of power and freedom - as if deceit driven evils are banished by a presumption of 'objective' scientific enlightenment such as has divorced from any guiding relational honesty. As if thinking ran itself and answered to none but itself - and regarded this 'freedom' from transparency and accountability as 'self'.

The world is extremely compelling experience and particularly so when triggered into conflict and defence. But it is never without our participation at some level - even if we are at odds with it on another. Blame and hate operate defensively against uncovering such participation when the outcome of exposure is felt as threat to survival of the current or triggered sense of self.

Indeed the last thing we will do is an honest inner accounting - because we cling to our investments while there is any belief left in a meaningful return. We 'lie' to survive and our mind seeks justifications so as to redefine the means in terms of a justifiable end - and if painting an end so terrible that anything and everything must be sacrificed to 'survive or prevail' then the separation trauma is revealed as the mechanism of sacrifice - of denial and rejection of whatever is associated with threat, and in sacifice of inner honesty is a breakdown of communication in which trust can no longer be extended or recognized. Everyone and everything thus becomes viewed in treacherous distrust - because without inner sight - anything can come back in your face in the same measure you sent it forth - but yet must be kept apart from such recognition by any means available.

But as we reap - so shall we sow. I turn this phrase around to indicate that receiving or experiencing is not a passive receipt - but that there is a freedom to release investment in false or corrupted currency in desire to be truly moved. Of course a lack of integrity uses any form as a part of its own defence - but who can hear - let them hear. For being truly moved is always a recognition of worth that extends and embraces that same freedom to others - rather than using the 'evil of other' as a justification to move without an integral sense of relational support and guidance. Indeed to override and deny any sense of such support and guidance - and 'go it alone' or perhaps to subsume such inner receptivity within a collective identity of oppositional protection to  the 'lone wolf' of a corrupted sense of true individuality. Any form can be used to hide a loveless agenda - and thus like a trojan horse - operate to work against us while we believe we are doing the right thing. Of all the things that corrupt us - it is that which we accept without really checking in because it passes off a genuine but then opens to operate 'identity theft.

Our world is full of reflections by which to notice more of the way our mind works - and so align more truly to who we feel, recognize and prefer to be. Amidst the baiting of manipulative or untrustworthy intent - I prefer to pause and to listen and feel for something prior to manufactured thought. This may not be easy - but it establishes a true willingness for Life - through which pre-sense gifts - instead of presenting a presentation seeking validation. Thank you for your attention.

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