Sunday, 29 November 2015

Back to the Garden

The scientists whose garden unlocked the secret to good health
When Anne Biklé and David Montgomery fed their failing soil with organic matter, they were astonished by the results. Stimulating the microbes that live beneath the surface led the garden to flourish. Then, when Biklé was diagnosed with cancer, the couple had an idea…

There are many levels that this article can be read on.
Biklé's garden may be mineral rich - but many agricultural soils are mineral depleted and so are the crops grown therefrom.
Herbicides and pesticides are also added to food. Corporate production and distribution channels tend to protect THEIR interests not our well being - nor the soil or indeed the wholeness of anything.
Genetically modified crops bring another variable into a world of lab-rats such as we are effectively de facto becoming.
The Soil - and indeed the hidden but absolutely necessary and infinitely rich symbiosis of life that are also vastly more important to our body and brain and immunological function - is embodied symbol of The Mother.
Many, these days regard humans as a virus or cancer upon the Earth - not realising it is a parasitic thinking that is in a sense driving humanity in place of an Earth and Life-Honouring alignment of thought word and deed in truly FELT relationship.
The old myth of the deceiver who promises to add stature and confer specialness through an EXTERNALLY gained sense of power has never not been a wise caution.
Making ourself externally dependent suffers indebtedness that enslaves us to a hollowed out life in a prodigal wasteland of the world. It isn't that we deserve it - but that our actual sense of powerlessness is reflected beneath the masks and spin of the deceptive thinking.

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